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Thesis Theme 2.0 – Order of CSS Priority

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In this session we talk about the order of CSS priority in Thesis Theme 2 between the Options settings and Additional CSS in packages. We discuss why when settings are completed in options and then additional code for those settings is added in Additional CSS, the code in Additional CSS will take priority.

Video Transcript

Member: Hang on, I just want to look at the other question I had. Oh okay, yeah so I had a question about the order of css priority with Thesis 2. When I was doing some work on this, I noticed… let me just go into the editor. If I just pull up an element… okay so if you’re looking at an element here, a package and you’ve got different font settings here, if I go and set something here, right? And anything I put in additional css, which one of these, if any, has priority?

Rick: Well, priority is established by… if everything else is equal, priority is the last thing written.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So in this case, everything else is equal because this post formatting box is all referring to the same selector. So since it’s the same selector, additional css takes priority over the other because additional css gets written after the other gets written.

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