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What’s the Difference Between Thesis 2.0 Boxes and Skin HTML Boxes?

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In this session we discuss the difference between Thesis 2.0 boxes and Skin HTML boxes. A Thesis box is like a plugin that often creates an HTML box. A skin HTML box is either a container or content that can be added, positioned, removed and styled in a template.

Video Transcript

Jared asks, “What’s the difference between these boxes here and the boxes that you see here?” Okay, boxes here are like plugins. And they aren’t related to boxes in the skin section except that they often result in a box that’s been created.

So when you create a plugin for Thesis 2, it takes the form of a box and often will create a box that can be dragged around. But boxes over here means HTML boxes. And so the relationship between the two just happens to be that those boxes in Thesis admin can create boxes in the HTML editor. But they don’t necessarily do that.

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