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A member asked what visual editor I use and why.  I showed the the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.  I chose the TinyMCE Advanced plugin because it is capable of using custom styles when using the visual editor.  However, I’ve never actually used that feature.  I explain why I don’t bother with it on demonstration websites.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so Pam, you are on next. Pam, are you there?

Pam: Yes. Good morning, Rick.

Rick: Good morning, Pam. How are you doing?

Pam: Can you hear me good?

Rick: I can hear you, yeah. So you asked one question. First, you noticed that… yeah? The question was you noticed on this site, I wasn’t using FCK editor.

Pam: Yeah, that was my question.

Rick: Actually, what I normally use these days is…now, I don’t use it for demonstration sites because I’m really not typing much in the way of text and this site here is just a demonstration site, right? So I mean, the most text I have on there is text that I cut and paste from another page. So in that case, I don’t bother installing it. However on my own site, I actually use… on my own site, I use Tiny MCEditor nowadays. The main reason was that I anticipated… let’s see… let’s just go to a post. Oh, I should just say Add New… oops. Let’s just look at this one, edit. When I’m working on the HTML view or oops, visual view, this is actually Tiny MCEditor and theoretically, I can add styles to this section here so that my styles… I can apply styles to elements inside of the text. As a practical matter, I’ve never gotten around to doing that. So I don’t actually use Tiny MCEditor the way that I had originally planned on using it and in fact, actually, very seldom use the visual editor. I almost always just use the HTML editor.

Pam: Okay. If you were going to need styles, how would you design them?

Rick: Well that is… I don’t remember anymore. I mean, there’s a way of attaching a stylesheet to Tiny MCEditor that will allow you to select the styles from that stylesheet out of this list and then…when you do… well, in fact, you can see my test 1 is there. And so it has been my… it was my plan to use that facility here but it just turns out, I’ve never done it so…so that’s the trivial answer.

Pam: Okay, thanks.

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