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Troubleshoot Background Image Problems in Thesis 2

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In this session we troubleshoot background image problems in Thesis 2 caused by a code that prevents the floats from being cleared so the container is not extending all the way to the bottom of the page. We also talk about turning off Super Cache when making changes to the background of the container because it serves up a cache page so we only see the version that Super Cache saved and not the changed version.

Video Transcript

Member:  I put in a background picture in the background of the website and then I put a transparent picture to go through the body of the website. And for some reason, the transparent picture doesn’t go all the way to the bottom so part of the writing you can’t read.

Rick:  Can you give me a URL?

Member:  Okay so can you see where I’m at… I have to take you there? Okay so it’s

Rick:  Yeah perfect. I just have to type W I.

Member:  So I don’t know what happens on the first page but on a couple of the pages, depending how much I’ve written… I’m sorry, my dogs are fighting in the backyard.

Rick:  So here, it’s stopping.

Member:  Yeah, I see that exactly and I’m not sure why.

Rick:  This is I think a float clearing issue, I think. Let’s see, where is that background? Is that the background of columns, a column wrap… it must be a background of columns. Is it? No?

Member:  I think it was a container, maybe.

Rick:  Okay, background of container. That’s what it is, yes. And so what’s not happening is… okay well, first off, you have to turn off Super Cache in order for you to ever see any changes. Because right now, what Super Cache is doing is serving up a cached page. So you’ll make changes on your site and then never see them because you don’t see the changed version. You see the version that Super Cache saved. So that’s the first thing you have to do and that actually may be you know, one of your principal issues then.

Member:  Okay.

Rick:  But I think the other issue here is that your float is not getting cleared. And so your content is stopping… let’s see, css.css. Let’s see if I can see it in a way in which this would be happening. Right there, there it is right here. Some place you’ve got an &www in your code that is making your… that is preventing your floats from being cleared. And so that content column or that container is not extending all the way to the bottom of the page.

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