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How to Troubleshoot a Broken Site in Genesis with the Agency Theme

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In this session we demonstrate how to troubleshoot a broken site in Genesis with the Agency theme where there are no body classes assigned to the body tag. We update WordPress and Genesis but the body classes still do not exist and schedule a separate seminar to further explain how to troubleshoot this problem.

Video Transcript

Leah: I was hoping you can help troubleshoot my website.

Rick: Yeah.

Leah: I had done some edits to the style based on suggestions you have given me in the past and everything looked fine yesterday and then today it’s not looking the same. I’ve narrowed it down it’s not reading my background image, the header on my side is an image but the old version which had hex is showing up on that. Some of the formatting on the front isn’t working that well either.

Rick: So is this where I am right now? This is the site we’re talking about?

Leah: Yes, that’s what that should look like.

Rick: Okay.

Leah: But I’m not seeing that and I’ve asked a couple of people I’m getting 50/50, some are seeing what you see, some are seeing what I see. My hosting company is also seeing what I see so I really don’t know what to do with them.

Rick: Well, let’s see let’s make you the presenter so I can see what you see. So you have to share your screen. That’s what you see. That is crazy. That is crazy. Okay, now we see it here with potentially a failed sidebar. Okay now I see it the way you see it. Maybe I’ve been here before and I was just viewing a cached copy. Okay well, so what plugins do you have running? Leah are you still with me? I can’t hear you anymore. There we go.

Leah: Do you hear me now?

Rick: Yeap.

Leah: Okay, are you still seeing my screen?

Rick: I was just actually just looking at my screen here for a second but let’s.. yes, I am seeing your screen.

Leah: Okay, so if I go in to.. So these are the plugins I’ve tried deactivating and reactivating but I haven’t changed anything since yesterday so I’m not sure what a (03:43)

Rick: Okay, let’s see. Let’s deactivate the LeadPages connector plugin.

Leah: Did a hard refresh and that so…

Rick: Yeah, I see that.  Okay, so how did you change your styles? Did you use that custom CSS plugin?

Leah: No. I have the background image that is just the uploading?

Rick: Yeah.

Leah: And I think I had selected just an image for the header.

Rick: Yeah.

Leah: I hadn’t really modified much. I made the clickable links underlined and that’s the underline as you can see right over here.

Rick: Yeah.

Leah: So that hasn’t changed.

Rick: Let’s… just a second here. Let’s see if I can get it back to the way it used to look.

Leah: And the edits that I’ve done were in November so that’s also confusing to me.

Rick: Because right now what it’s doing is it is showing both your text and your header image. Okay, let’s go back to your dashboard and let’s look at the Appearance and Header Image. Yeah, it’s definitely… Okay, Appearance, Header. Okay so it looks.. Save those changes just as it is right there. It’s showing the header text.

Leah: Right but I have it unchecked.

Rick: I know.

Leah: So it shouldn’t be shown.

Rick: I know but that’s why I’m saying just save it, see if it lost its…

Leah: I see what you’re saying.

Rick: That resets its…

Leah: Nope.

Rick: Yeah, no is right. Because you also didn’t have the big black background there, didn’t you?

Leah: Correct. I have a background image.

Rick: Let’s go look at your background for a second. Right, so there’s your background and that’s also not showing up. Let’s update WordPress.

Leah: Well in fact, what I have right now?

Rick: Well, it may solve the problem.

Leah: Okay, I just hope I don’t lose everything.

Rick: Well, you’re not going to lose everything by updating.

Leah: Okay, so click “Update Now” right here?

Rick: Yeah. How old of WordPress are you using?

Leah: I was under the impression that when I put my new site live in November I put it in a new version.

Rick: Okay, so you’re probably using 3.7. Okay, let’s go look at the site. Okay, give me just a second I’m going to troubleshoot this a little bit more on my end here. It doesn’t make any sense really because your settings should be working just fine.

Leah: I tried in a different browser and I have the same problem.

Rick: What’s crazy about this is that it is actually showing… it’s not showing… Actually, something really weird is happening here now that I say that. Looks like you have 2 body tags. No, you don’t but there’s no class assigned to your body tag which is unusual. Okay, so we’ve got background URL, okay so that is the header and then body.custom-background. Okay, so what’s happening here is your body tag no longer has the custom-background class associated with it in fact, the body class system seems to be broken because you should… Oh, no okay, so it’s not broken on your main page interestingly, okay. So now that we saved those things, your other pages are displaying correctly. Oh, and your home page is now displaying correctly. How the heck did that happen? Take a look at it in your browser now.

Leah: I still see the broken one.

Rick: And now I see the broken one. What on earth is going on there?

Leah: The regular pages are also broken.

Rick: Okay, well the deal here is that when it’s broken the head tag and the body tag are broken. Okay, let’s see if I can just get it to a broken state now. Now, I can’t get into a broken state. Oh, brother. Okay, I’m going to look at your screen again. See if you view page source or inspect your element either way.

Leah: Let me see that, okay.

Rick: Look at your body tag there. You’ve got <body style> and then you’ve got another <body style> and if you expand that, you’ll see there are no body classes assigned to it but click over on your Tutoring now.

Leah: Here?

Rick: Yeah. Okay, no body class is assigned to that. Click on Organic Chemistry. Okay, I’m going to switch over to my screen so you can see my screen for a second. Here’s what it should look like, right. Your body should have <bodyltr” style=”line-height:1.15;margin-top:0pt;margin-bottom:0pt;”>Leah: And that fixes all the pages?

Rick: Well, you can see when the pages are working correctly you have this body class everywhere and right now it’s working perfectly. That is nuts. So the question really is what’s breaking your body tag and it’s probably not WordPress because we’ve just updated WordPress. You’re using Chrome, right? Oh, here we go, good I finally got to a broken one.

Leah: I opened it in Internet Explorer and it was also broken.

Rick: See if we just view the page source here for a second you can see again body is blank, right it’s just body, it doesn’t have any classes in it at all so that’s why we’re seeing the failure. Now the question is, why on earth is it happening and I think the very first thing… Okay, so you’ve already tried deactivating all of your plugins?

Leah: I have not. Do you want me to deactivate every single one?

Rick: Yeap, let’s deactivate every single plugin.

Leah: Okay. Okay, I’ve done that.

Rick: Okay.

Leah: But I still don’t see a change.

Rick: It’s not changing anything. Okay, the next thing I would do is update, that is replace Genesis. So you could activate TwentyTwelve or some other default theme and then delete Genesis entirely and then upload a clean copy. See the body class is governed by Genesis, well governed by a combination of Genesis and WordPress and we’ve just updated WordPress which would suggest that if the problem is in WordPress functioning it would have been fixed.

Leah: Will I lose all of the customizations that I’ve made?

Rick: No, because we’re not going to delete Agency.

Leah: Okay, so just Genesis.

Rick: Which is why you have to deactivate Agency and activate TwentyTwelve.

Leah: Okay so… I’m not sure how to deactivate. Do I activate something else?

Rick: Yes, right you just activate something else, right. Activate TwentyTwelve or TwentyFourteen whichever you want.

Leah: I saw TwentyFourteen

Rick: Sure.

Leah: So I activated that.

Rick: Perfect. Okay, so now that you’ve activated that I’m just going to take a quick look at, view page source, I just want to look and see if the body tag… No, that did not fix the body tag.

Leah: Should I reactivate Agency and Genesis?

Rick: Let me just jump around a little bit and see if… Brother. What other default themes do you have?

Leah: I have Optimizepress then I have regular TwentyEleven, TwentyTen and TwentyThirteen.

Rick: Okay, let’s do TwentyThirteen.

Leah: Okay. Okay, TwentyThirteen is live.

Rick: Nope, it’s broken in WordPress. This doesn’t have anything to do with Genesis or your child theme. WordPress itself is broken because if it had to do with Genesis, the body classes would show up properly on the other themes, right?

Leah: So how do I fix it within WordPress itself?

Rick: What you need to do is download a clean copy of WordPress.

Leah: How do I do that?

Rick: You just go to

Leah: Okay.

Rick: And download it and then you want to use FTP to upload… Actually, are you comfortable using FTP?

Leah: Yes.

Rick: Okay, so then you want to use FTP to upload your wp-admin folder over the top of the existing one and wp-includes and you might want…

Leah: I’m comfortable moving files but not sure what the… Should I switch to my screen or no?

Rick: Well, there’s not enough time for me today to just walk you through this process.

Leah: Okay.

Rick: So what we could do is we could schedule because this is something I’d like to demonstrate.

Leah: Okay.

Rick: We could schedule another down and dirty seminar where I demonstrate how to repair WordPress when it fails like this. I can’t do it today but we might be able to do it tomorrow.

Leah: Okay.

Rick: And if you’d like to do that we can do that.

Leah: Okay. How do I set that up?

Rick: Okay, all you have to do is go ahead and go back and activate Agency and then is 9o’clock tomorrow morning okay with you?

Leah: I’m sorry, let me just think backwards, 9, that’s 10, 11, 12, yes.

Rick: Same time as today.

Leah: Yeah.

Rick: Does that work for you?

Leah: Uhuh.

Rick: Okay, so later on today I will publish a short notice seminar where we troubleshoot this problem. You’ll need to send me FTP credentials and admin credentials so that I can log in to the site, I can FTP the stuff up.

Leah: I’m sorry, I miscounted the hours. I don’t have 9o’clock, I have 10o’clock tomorrow available.

Rick: Okay, 10o’clock is fine tomorrow. Are you in the Eastern time?

Leah: Yes.

Rick: Okay, so that’ll be 1o’clock your time.

Leah: Yes, so I’ve just figured that out.

Rick: So schedule for 10/1 tomorrow and I need cPanel access, FTP access and WordPress admin access.

Leah: Okay. I’m going to have to figure out how to do that.

Rick: Well, you can give me cPanel access. I mean you know how to give me WordPress admin access right, you can just setup an admin account for me.

Leah: Right, right I have to figure out the other components that you asked for.

Rick: Okay. If you give me cPanel access I can setup FTP access.

Leah: Okay, cPanel.

Rick: Who’s your host?

Leah: GoDaddy.

Rick: Okay, yeah just give me cPanel access and I will handle the FTP access part of it.

Leah: Okay.

Rick: Okay?

Leah: Yes, thank you so much.

Rick: So.. You betcha, we’ll take care of it live tomorrow one way or the other.

Leah: Thank you.

Rick: Okay. You’re welcome. Have a good day.

Leah: You too.

Rick: Bye.

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