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Troubleshoot Google Analyticator Plugin

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This member is seeing an error message from the Google Analyticator Plugin. We discuss the Plugin and I suggest that he use the Thesis built in system for configuring Google Analytics for his site.

Video Transcript

Jared also asks, “In Google Analytic summary, what does this mean: No Analytics account selected?” Double check or authenticate it with Google on your Google Analyticator’s settings page and make sure an account is selected. Essentially what that means is that you have to follow the instructions in the plugin for demonstrating… or for how to use the plugin because that plugin requires you to put Google Analytic’s code in the plugin and require you to get verification code from Google. And so, what you really have to do there is to go to the directions on how to use it and use it.

However, I don’t recommend you do that. If you look at my website, if you search for Google Analytics on my website, you’ll find that I have lessons on how to set up Google Analytics, how to create a Google Analytics account, how to configure your Google Analytics account with Thesis, how to add the code to Thesis, how to verify your Google Analytics or the ownership of your account. Everything you need to know about setting up your site to connect with Google Analytics is there. And the Google Analytics or the Google Analyticator plugin is designed for a site that doesn’t use Thesis and doesn’t have the ability to configure Google Analytics any other way. Thesis comes with a method of adding Google Analytics code right off the bat in Site Options. In fact, I talked about that last week briefly in the beginners’ session. And if you just search for Google Analytics on my site, you’ll find lessons teaching how to do that. So I would deactivate the Google Analyticator, delete the plugin and use Thesis for that rather than using a plugin.

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