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Troubleshooting Google Analytics Tracking Code in Genesis 2

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In this session we troubleshoot the Google Analytics tracking code in Genesis 2 that is not working correctly. We compare the tracking scripts that look different from our own. There is the old way and the new universal way of scripts from Google.

Video Transcript

Rick: So you have a question about Analytics Tracking Code.

Member: Yeah, I went to the 0:08 Fresh Website and says go into the Genesis settings and down at the bottom, paste the code there…

Rick: Yeah

Member: And I’ve done that but then I go back to Google Analytics and it says that I’m not linked up.

Rick: Can you give me the URL of the site?

Member: Sure, actually it’s on a couple of sites, the first one is

Rick: Okay, obviously I typed that wrong, can you put it in the chat window for me?

Member: Sure. You see that?

Rick: I can.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Okay so here is your UA number, is this the correct UA number?

Member: 45995230-1?

Rick: Yeah?

Member: Yeah, I’m on Google Analytics right now, it says tracking not installed.

Rick: Okay, well there is clearly tracking here because I’m looking at it. I suppose the question is whether or not it is installed correctly. Let’s just make sure there’s noodp,noydir…

Member: Well, it is showing that somebody visited the site…it is tracking, I am looking at it right now, it is tracking as of today but I have no tracking for 30 days prior today but it does say tracking not installed. I guess it is working but I don’t know, I don’t understand why it say tracking not installed.

Rick: Yeah

Member: And I have the same problem with another website, let me check that one.

Rick: What’s the URL of the other website?

Member: And my other website started working today too…

Rick: (laughs)

Member: alliancekitchenandbath… are you ready?

Rick: alliancekitchenandbath…


Rick: This is it here.

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay, it definitely has the tracking script in there.

Member: Okay, well, and it did show that as of this morning it is tracking so I guess my problem is resolved even if it says it’s not.

Rick: Well, are you using some kind of a server-based tracking system like php, like that?

Member: No, nothing like that. Just WordPress and Genesis.

Rick: Okay. Let’s see why that shows up. What is it?, where did I put the tracking script for that…

So, okay, why does my tracking script here look different than you tracking script? Did you get your tracking script directly from Google?

Member: Yes.

Rick: It’s interesting because yours look quite a bit different than mine. Maybe just because it’s missing… it’s not pushing a track page preview…yeah, your script looks quite a bit different than mine. I would look at the tracking script than you grabbed from them.

Member: Uhuh.

Rick: And look to see what it looks like. The thing that sparked my curiosity was your tracking script just right off the bat, looks different than what I expect it to look like.  Right when I looked at it, I thought huh, that’s a little odd.

Member: At some point in time last week or so when I’ve been trying to fix this, it did give me like an option of the old way or the new universal way.

Rick: Oh, okay.

Member: And I used that universal analytics.

Rick: Okay, maybe I’m using the old way.

Member: It’s possible.

Rick: It is possible. Well, I guess I’d just watch it a little bit longer and see. Have you submitted a sitemap?

Member: Yeah, that’s all been done, like I said as of last night it hadn’t tracked in a long time but as of this morning it’s working.

Rick: Alright, yeah. You definitely got sitemaps loader. Okay.

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