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Troubleshooting Line Spacing Issues in the WordPress Text Editor

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In this session we troubleshoot line spacing issues in the WordPress text editor. Whenever WordPress sees a new line, it recognizes it as a new paragraph so we remove the paragraph marker and put in a non-breaking space.

Video Transcript

Member: One of the things I’ve been messing around with or not really, I haven’t done any messing around with it but I’m wondering why it’s like this. My Calendar page, I have all this spacing in between, I imported these words in a simple text file and there was no spacing in the file but it showed up on this page, I got all these spaces whereas for example, when I uploaded text in the same way on my Workshops page, the spacing looks more normal.

Rick: Well the thing is, is that WordPress interpreted each one of those lines as a paragraph.

Member: I see, okay. Is there a way we can change that?

Rick: Yes, so go up and select edit page, there you go. So go right beside on the far right hand side, I mean, you can also bullet those if you wanted to but if you just go right beside “Not Your Typical Tee” and hit delete, there you go, not backspace but delete.

Member: Well, that was the delete button.

Rick: Okay, keep hitting delete. Really, your delete goes backwards.

Member: Yes it does, I’m on a Mac. I don’t know if that makes a difference but it’s just like being a text editor right now.

Rick: So go on the left hand side of the “Potomac Filter and Guide” or whatever then because what I want to do is delete the space between those so hit backspace or hit delete now and then hit shift and enter. Well, shift enter together.

Member: Okay.

Rick: There you go. And so what that does is that, instead of being a paragraph, that’s crazy, actually, just go ahead and update now and let’s see if it turned out right.

Member: Okay, let’s see what happens.

Rick: Yes, okay.

Member: Yes, that’s pretty in.

Rick: So that’s the thing about WordPress, is anytime it sees a new line, it thinks that that’s a paragraph and so it puts a paragraph marker there and what you’re doing is removing the paragraph marker and putting in what’s called a non-breaking space which is a shift enter.

Member: Okay so I’m deleting it and then I’m doing a shift enter and then I have to delete that back and then I’m fine.

Rick: Yes.

Member: Okay, I know how to do that now then, okay.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Delete, shift enter and I tried a bunch of combinations but I didn’t figure out about using the shift key there so that’s helpful.

Rick: Yes, it’s the shift enter that creates a non-breaking space and I think probably, if you weren’t inside of a paragraph tag already, you probably would be able to make it do without hitting delete as well because it obviously has some formatting in it, right?

Member: Yes, you know, it’s weird because I did use simple text and use the text insertion box but I wrote the text in pages which is you know, word processing thing and they have it and then I imported it as plain text and then I used the plain text that imported it but maybe there is an artifact of processing or something.

Rick: Yes, go over and show your text tab, let’s see what the code looks like for that stuff.

Member: My text tab? Tell me what…

Rick: Yes, see where you’ve got visual and text?

Member: Over here?

Rick: Yes, used to call it the HTML view. See you’ve got all of this style=”padding-left:30px” kind of stuff on each line, so that’s actually kind of confusing it just a little bit anyway.

Member: So maybe if I want to put really plain text in, I should actually, not copy and paste from pages, I should just go into my plain text editor from the beginning and write the stuff in there, do you think?

Rick: Probably, yes.

Member: Because I think this is all coming…

Rick: You know, if you’re actually typing it anyway, it’s probably just as easy to type it directly in this then.

Member: Yes, well I was copying and pasting, I was trying not have to type it all again.

Rick: Right.

Member: Yes, okay at least I know how to fix that now, that should be helpful and so I can play around with that very, very good.

Rick: Okay.

Member: So thank you, I am enjoying your course very much and I’m a little bit behind because Fridays are hard days for me to get online but I’m using the videos and all of that so it’s great. I’ve had Thesis for like 2 years since 2010 and not being able to do anything with it and then I find your site and the Agility thing is awesome.

Rick: Well, I’m glad it’s working for you.

Member: Yes, well thank you very much, I appreciate it.

Rick: You’re welcome, okay. Well, talk to you later.

Member: Okay, bye.

Rick: Bye.

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