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Troubleshooting Sidebar Display Issues in Thesis 2

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In this session we troubleshoot sidebar display issues in a Thesis 2 sidebar where the sidebar doesn’t display until we actually put a text widget in it. In the process of finding the problem we show how to look at the source code in the different browsers.

Video Transcript

Member: This site looks good in Firefox and Chrome but when I look at it in Safari in Opera and Internet Explorer, the sidebar is missing.

Rick: Okay. So here’s IE10, is this the sidebar?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay so it shows up okay in IE10.

Member: I guess I checked it at 9.

Rick: So let’s do that. Well, it’s still showing up in IE9, let’s go down to IE8.

Member: Rick?

Rick: Yes.

Member: Try the other URL please.

Rick: Okay, the other URL was let’s see.

Member: Without the G1.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Actually, it’s a different page too, I’m sorry.

Rick: Okay. So it’s definitely missing here. Did it have the same thing?

Member: Something similar to that, just some junk in the space.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Again, in Firefox, in Chrome, the sidebar shows.

Rick: Okay, so I see that it’s here but it does not, let’s view the source for a second. Let’s see, so header area, top menu area, two-thirds, one-third and that is actually, it’s showing it empty so let’s just see what this looks like in Chrome. Well, no, it doesn’t show in Chrome either. According to this, there’s no content inside of a div which is where that sidebar is. There’s not even a widget area in there at the moment.

Member: That’s very odd. I develop on a Mac and I didn’t check it in Chrome on my pc but in Chrome on my Mac, a widget shows in that sidebar.

Rick: Well, what’s interesting though is looking at the source. When you look at the source, there’s nothing in it. Here’s what should be that sidebar, it’s div and inside of div, there should be a main sidebar widget area that should show up there and it doesn’t. Oh I see, we need G1 map test but here clearly, inside of “one-third”, there is this div inside of it. So, why don’t I make you the presenter and then you can show me what the settings look like.

Member: Sure. We’re there yet?

Rick: Yes. Now, okay what you’re seeing there, you see where it says, this is a widget box called Main Sidebar but there are no widgets in it yet? The only person who’s ever going to see that is the administrator when they are logged in so if you were looking at this site and you’re not logged in, you’re never going to see that.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Is that the problem?

Member: No. But that’s why I insist that there shows a sidebar in those two browsers.

Rick: Well, why don’t you just drag a text widget into it.

Member: Sure, let me do that.

Rick: I know that’s a little disconcerting.

Member: No, it’s okay I should’ve done it. Okay, now it shows.

Rick: And you’re looking in Safari now where it didn’t show.

Member: I’m in Firefox.

Rick: So let’s look at that same page in a browser that didn’t show it.

Member: Refresh the page.

Rick: That’s what the problem was.

Member: Okay. Got it. You are my guy, thank you.

Rick: You’re welcome.

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