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Troubleshoot Thesis Upgrade Problems

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This member had problems after they upgraded from Thesis 1.7 to Thesis 1.8. They found that all of their customization was gone. The problem was that they hadn’t properly copied over their custom files from the old installation to the new. In this video I help them copy their files correctly and get their site up and working properly.

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Video Transcript

Jason: I’ve been having a problem with my site air messages so I contacted my host which is HostGator.  They told me reinstall Thesis.  I reinstalled Thesis, no longer appeared to read.  How can I fix this?

What was happening is I was getting an error message quite frequently on my site when I would try to access the administration area or when I would try to just go to the site.  So I contacted HostGator this morning and they told me that the problem… let me go to my site right now.  They said the reason I was having that problem was because of my theme and something was broken in the theme so she said that I had to reinstall the theme.  So I asked her, I said, “Should I upgrade the theme or should I reinstall it?” And she told me that she went in there and took out the old theme and I needed to reinstall it.  So I went and reinstalled 1.8 when I had 1.7 previously installed.  So basically, you can see what’s happening here is it’s not showing my header anymore so I think what has happened here Rick, is that I have upgraded to version 1.8 but I didn’t…it actually wasn’t an upgrade, it was a reinstallation. So I didn’t transfer over my custom files.

Rick: Yeah.  Also what you may not have transferred over were the original settings, although I’m not sure.  What I would suggest that you need to do is take a copy of your custom folder from your original 1.7 installation and upload it to your 1.8 installation.  When you do that, that’s the normal method for upgrading is to take the custom folder from the previous version and paste it to the new version.

Jason: Okay.

Rick: Did that make sense?

Jason: That means the entire folder though?

Rick: The entire custom folder.

Jason: Okay. Is there anything else besides that one folder?  That’s one thing I figured out… I have to move that folder but I wasn’t sure about anything else.  I’m also curious, should I just replace it?  Replace the 1.8 custom folder…

Rick: Well the 1.8 probably is named custom sample.  Bring up your Filezilla program.

Jason: Okay so here’s 1-7 and 1-8… let’s see…so I have to go in here…

Rick: No, no. Open up just 1-8…

Jason: So I need to switch this.

Rick: No, no. Just leave it alone.  So then on your left hand side, you have a custom folder there?

Jason: Yeah, I do.  That’s actually where we are right now.

Rick: Okay one layer then, one level.  Now take that custom folder and copy it across.

Jason: That should do it, hopefully.

Rick: Well, as long as the problem that you were having isn’t caused by your custom files.  I can see other alternatives.  One alternative is that you had a problem with your Thesis installation.  Another potential is that you had a problem with your custom files.  So once you refresh your website… let’s see what it looks like.

Jason: Great, there it is.  Alright, great.  I can’t believe that was easy.

Rick: Yeah so in the future, when you upgrade, you want to keep the other Thesis installation in place because what happens is when you upgrade from one version of Thesis to the next, when you activate a new version, it goes back and reads the database settings of the old version.

Jason: I see.

Rick: So you want to keep the old version there too.  So you do the upgrade…upload Thesis 1.8 or the new version of Thesis and you activate it and once you’ve activated it, you take the custom folder from the 1.7 installation and copy it to the 1.8.

Jason: Okay, so that’s not an automatic process.

Rick: Copying the custom folder is not automatic.

Jason: Okay, so is there any other custom data in the 1.7 folder that I need to be concerned about now that 1.8…

Rick: No, Thesis is designed to keep all the customizations inside that custom folder.  You’re supposed to just pick up that custom folder and put it any future Thesis installation and it will continue to work just fine.

Jason: Okay, perfect.  Great.  What about the root cause of this problem? Yesterday, you were working with me a little bit, we had that error message and I deactivated my patch and I believe the problem came back and that’s what triggered me… to call, to contact HostGator this morning. And then HostGator said, “Well, that could be caused by a plug-in.” So they got back in and said I had to verify with you but they didn’t know which plug-in.  I asked them because I recently signed up for this online appointment scheduling platform called Optimize and what that does is it generates codes that links to my pages that links to an online scheduling system.  So if we go over here for example…

Rick: So did they think that was the problem?

Jason: They said, they didn’t know. They said that it could be… they said that sometimes code or plug-ins could break themes.  And I didn’t know…I noticed that these problems started happening around the time that I started using Optimize so I didn’t know.  First, the woman that I was interacting with via the chat, she didn’t have the most experience in this area so I didn’t know if that’s something that you’re familiar with. I really like this service, otherwise, but I’m curious about what you think about how plug-ins or codes could actually break themes…

Rick: Anytime you use an iframe, you do introduce a potential for conflicts and that’s what this system is using.  It’s using an iframe. And so, it’s not necessarily causing the problems and if you don’t have a problem now when you’re using it then it probably isn’t. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind when stuff starts to happen funny.  Because the whole iframe thing…if it’s not properly implemented, it can screw up your HTML.  Now fortunately, it can only screw up as long as it’s there and so it doesn’t make any permanent problem then.

Jason: Okay, oh that’s good.  I’ve had a heck of a time trying to find an online employment booking software that functions really smoothly…do you know of any?  That’s including shopping cart, PayPal… I really like the functionality of this but I am finding a lot of quirks in it. One thing too, is the option to go to the calendar and make a reservation for example and then they can pay for the session right on the spot as well. It’s pretty helpful.

Rick: Yeah.  I’d probably do that from scratch using WTE store but having something instead turning key like that I’m not…I don’t know of one.  Now I do have a client here who used to use some sort of online scheduling system and I could ask her if she uses this and see if she has some suggestions.  But if it’s no longer causing a problem, then you know, maybe it’s just fine.  Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the problems are.

Jason: Yeah.  It’s… we’ll see.  I haven’t gone in and started making any changes or edits.  The problem seemed to come when I was putting the code on different pages and kinda using it different ways so I would try to do it then.

Rick: Yeah.  Okay.

Jason: You’ve been helpful, thank you.

Rick: Well, you’re welcome.

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