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Troubleshooting 2 Column Teasers in Thesis 2

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In this session we troubleshoot 2 column teasers in Thesis 2 where the previous and next post links aren’t working properly. We assign the number of posts to show to make all the posts look the same. We make sure that the previous page and next page are working to accommodate pagination and we also talk about assigning images to each post by setting a featured image and making it display as thumbnails.

Video Transcript

Member: I have been struggling with the teasers and the images, I had no problem when I was using 1.8.5 but everything is very different here on Thesis 2.0 and I did a tutorial on DIY Thesis but I don’t think I did right, things are just not working out for me right very well.

Rick: So are you using Thesis Classic?

Member: No, I’m using Agility.

Rick: Okay. Yes, it would be difficult to implement that tutorial on Agility but let’s see what you got and see where we need to go.

Member: Okay.

Rick: What’s the URL?

Member: It is www.sandrapaolinimft

Rick: Sure, we already looked at it, p-a-o-l-i-n-i and then mst?

Member: mft, mary, frank, tom .com, yes.

Rick: Okay, so let’s see, this looks fine but we don’t have a menu here, how do we get to that?

Member: On the top, on the very top, I put it in the top of the header, it’s tiny.

Rick: Here it is, right there, sure. Okay I gotcha, so blog.

Member: So blog, right.

Rick: Okay.

Member: So it’s very funky looking, I don’t have the pictures in there yet but I don’t have pictures for all of them and I kind of got from the DIY Thesis tutorial that you have to have the pictures in there in order to make this work but for the bottom 4 teasers, they keep rotating so when you go all the way to the bottom and you hit previous post, you keep getting the same ones. So at the very bottom under “Transforming Anger”, it says “Previous Post”, will you scroll all the way down, there.

Rick: No, it is failing to do what you want it to do.

Member: Yes.

Rick: So is the blog page here, is this the page you’ve set up as your Posts page?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Are you sure?

Member: Yes.

Rick: Okay and did you create this with the query box?

Member: I did.

Rick: Okay, that’s why. See, I never point people to that tutorial because the problem with that tutorial is, is it fails to paginate so I don’t think it’s a good tutorial to use. I mean, I don’t want to be critical of what other people do but it doesn’t paginate so since it doesn’t paginate it’s really not particularly useful.

Member: So I went in and I did a whole lot of changing to those little green boxes, the trace? I don’t know what I was doing and I think I made a mess of it.

Rick: If for a moment, what we do is drag that query box out and increase the number of posts that will show on the loop. What else do you want this page to look like?

Member: Well, I want to get the pictures in there at some point and also under the post, only the first one has “Read More” and “Leave a Comment”.

Rick: Well, that’s because you’ve set the page up that way so if you’d like me to make you the presenter, I can walk you through fixing that.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So all you have to do is share your screen with us.

Member: Let me pull this out, okay.

Rick: So just get into the yes, just go into the… and go to your Home template and open up the Content Area.

Member: The CSS?

Rick: No, the Content Area in the Home template there.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And open up the page page and open up 2 Column and open up the Main Content Column.

Member: Right.

Rick: Okay. So then drag My Teasers out and drop it up at the top. No, you need to shift first and then drag.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Hit escape or something, we need to stop selecting there for a second because what it’s done is it selected a bunch of stuff.

Member: Why can’t I get out of this, there we go. Okay.

Rick: Now shift and then drag, there you go and drop it all the way at the very top, right there, okay. Now, scroll back down and beside WP Loop, there is the Options, go ahead and click on that. Pardon me, close that up, I’m sorry I was mistaken. Scroll back up to the top and we’re going to open up the template options so right beside Home there, click on the Options beside Home, there you go. And under WP Loop, see it says, WP Loop there, set that to 10 or whatever you want it to be.

Member: It doesn’t need to be the total number of posts, right? Is this going to be my full post?

Rick: No, this will make every post look like the first post on your page. Now save your template and then let’s look at the page. So now, all of your posts look the same.

Member: Oh, yes.

Rick: Okay?

Member: Okay.

Rick: And if you hit “Previous Posts”, you’ll get a new set of posts.

Member: Well, that was easy.

Rick: Yes, so the problem was that you were trying to follow that tutorial and the tutorial unfortunately does not accommodate pagination. Now, in order for the pictures to show there, you’re going to need to have pictures for the posts first. Do you have any pictures for any of the posts?

Member: You know, I have a couple of pictures, they’re not all in here yet though.

Rick: So why don’t you get all the pictures in, I’m going to be demonstrating this in particular next week.

Member: Oh, great.

Rick: So if you get all your pictures in, you’ll see how that all works.

Member: Great. Okay, that’s perfect, that’s really what I wanted to know.

Rick: Although the sort of the simple answer is, you load your pictures in and then you open up the post and you click on Set Featured Image and you pick your image for the featured image and then you say, Set it as Featured and from that point on, it works, I mean the image will show up here and the image will show up on the post itself.

Member: And will it show up as a thumbnail as well?

Rick: Yes.

Member: Okay, okay. Alright, I will try that and then I’ll look for the tutorial that you’re going to do next Friday, that sounds great.

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