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Troubleshooting a Java Script Problem

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This member is experiencing a Java Script error that is causing the page to jump to the bottom as it is being rendered. He assumes that there is an anchor and that the page is linking to that anchor. However the real problem is that a social networking plugin that he is using is forcing the page to go to the plugin’s output once the java script has rendered.

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Video Transcript

Okay and so then next, Brian asks… let me find his question here. Brian asks, “When I click on a link menu titled Services and choose the dropdown box Mold Remediation, it takes me to the correct page but it takes me to a point 2/3 of the way down the page. I don’t know how to fix that to come up and for it come to the top.”

Okay so let’s go ahead and… I think the answer probably to that is that it’s an anchor and the link is to an anchor rather than to the page itself. But let’s just see what we see here. I’m gonna go to that page. Okay so you’ve got… let’s go back up at the top of this thing. Oh I see, so if we go to home. No, that is not. That cannot be the related to an anchor… I don’t think… I think that must be related to some kind of a Java script error because it’s as if the page begins to load properly and then it jumps down to the bottom.

So let’s see here, I’m gonna open it up in Firefox and turn off Java script and see if that makes the problem go away and if it does… if it doesn’t, we’ll go draw it down and try to find it. And if it does make it go away then you’ll know where it comes from. My laptop is not nearly as fast as my computer, unfortunately. And so… okay. So then we wanted to go to this page here, right? Alright, good fold copy.

Let’s go over to Firefox. Actually while we’re here, I’m gonna show you something really cool that Brian showed me, the guy who’s asking this question, that I did not know about Firebug. I’m gonna start incorporating. In fact, it made me curious. I’m gonna start looking further into how that works.

Okay, let’s see so where is… oh disable, okay. Let’s disable Java script and let’s go to this page over here. Now if it… that wasn’t it. Mold Remediation, let’s see what happens here. Yeah, you know what, that’s not even Java script. So let’s see if there’s an anchor point. Maybe there is an anchor point. View page source… let’s see… show photos through… there’s the head. Where would this anchor point be? That anchor point would be down at shared joy or…actually I would suppose it would be at… inside that paragraph there. I’m gonna say that. Format text… let’s see… view. Can I wrap long lines? Yeah… wrap long lines. Okay, so if there was such an anchor, it would be right there. So there’s no anchor right here… so it must be related to a plugin.

You know, you had the question that you’ve always wanted how to redirect a link to a particular part of a page and I’m gonna show you the answer to that question but that’s not what’s going on here. What’s going on here is there is some kind of… I mean, I think what’s going on is one of these plugins is automatically drawing the page down. Maybe it’s Tweet Blender, maybe it’s the Facebook you know, I don’t know. Maybe it’s the Share and Enjoy or that’s probably… what? I don’t know what that’s called. But it’s probably one of those plugins that is forcing this thing down. So I would definitely take a look those. Essentially, uninstall each plugin and check the functionality of it.

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