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Troubleshooting a Problem with Dynamic Widgets

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In this session we troubleshoot a problem with dynamic widgets and look at the Dynamic Widget plugin exception rule for widgets.

For those of you using Shopp, we suggest as an alternative the use of our plugin called Shopp Connect for Thesis to make the multimedia box available to products which allows videos to be added in the multimedia box but only show up on that one page. It will also create a Shopp specific sidebar that will replace sidebar 1 so we can have entirely different widgets on the Shopp pages than what we have on regular pages.

Video Transcript

Member: Alright, you see my dashboard okay then?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Alright. So if you would just kind of watch this you know, I watched the video. I thought I had it working. But if I go to my… I’m trying to exclude it from a particular post.

Rick: You’re trying to exclude a widget from a particular post?

Member: Right, using Dynamic Widget. Does that make sense?

Rick: Okay so you’re looking for your post id down there some place or what?

Member: Well, here’s what I did. So I went in there and configured the Dynamic Widget to give me this exception rule. So I’ve checked this and it’s supposed to exclude the little YouTube video on this particular post.

Rick: Apply exception rule to widgets.

Member: This particular widget.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Let me just show you this. If I hit preview…

Rick: Oh we have to go look at your exception rule but…

Member: Okay but if I hit preview here, it’s gone. I’m happy. This is what I want. But if I go out and look at the live site, it’s still there.

Rick: Okay so let’s look at your exception rule here for a second.

Member: Okay, let me just show you….

Rick: Absolutely. Show me.

Member: This is thing that I’m trying to exclude.

Rick: Simply Go video.

Member: Okay, it’s gone. It’s there.

Rick: Okay, gotcha.

Member: Alright. So you want to go check out the Dynamic Widget?

Rick: Yeah.

Member: Okay. See, that’s actually a plugin, right?

Rick: Although you just go to Appearance and Widgets.

Member: Okay. There it was right there.
Rick: Well no, this is the place you do it anyway. And then select the widget that you want to get rid of, okay. And then… so you’ve got it set as dynamic. Go ahead and click on the dynamic there. Okay so…

Member: Here’s what I did just to show you what I did. So you see where it says where I did it?

Rick: Oh let’s see. Single post… not the posts page. Show the widget on the posts page but you want to exclude it from the single post. Show widget default on single posts and you’re going to say yes. Make an exception rule available to individual posts and tags. So you’re accepting… well, what I would do at this point is accept the author because you haven’t yet defined an exception.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So I would say accept by Fran here for a second.

Member: It’s not letting me click it. Do I need to take something off here?

Rick: Try and…

Member: Should I try that or not?

Rick: Yeah. Now click Fran and now click make exception rule. Oh, I see.

Member: See, when I check this here, Rick, it gave me that option on the post page to exclude it.

Rick: Well, it says make exception rule available… is what it says. It doesn’t say exclude from this post which is why I was wondering… go ahead and hover over that question mark there next to the make exception rule. Let’s see what that says or click on it or whatever. When you enable this option, you have the ability to apply the exception rule for single posts to tags and individual posts. You can set the exception rule for tags in the single edit tag panel for individual posts in the new or edit post. Exception rules for tags individual posts and any combination work independently but will always be counted as one exception. Please note, when exception rules are set for author in their category, these will be removed. Oh, I see, okay. So it’s just not very good… it’s just not very well written.

Member: Yeah, that’s confusing. I want… which one is it?

Rick: English. So show the widget default on single posts except those ones that you go click. Well, oddly enough, it doesn’t appear to work then. I mean, does it work in any other context? Have you tried it with anything else?

Member: To the other posts?

Rick: Or with any other… or maybe on a specific page. Oh no, you already have that, don’t you? Yeah, try it with a different post. Let’s just see what happens.

Member: Okay. So let’s see if I have another post.

Rick: You’ve got 3 posts, it said.

Member: Okay good. So let’s go down here to the medical equipment delivery. Okay so here’s my little… this is what it gave to me.

Rick: Yeah, go ahead and click on that and save it. Let’s see if it shows up on that post. And if not, you might want to use my plugin instead.

Member: You have a plugin that does the same thing?

Rick: Well, the preview changes button isn’t going to help us here because we already know it. It’s behaving the way you want it to behave so that really doesn’t test it for us. Go to… instead of that one… okay, yeah.

Member: It worked there.

Rick: Yeah so that suggests maybe a little error in that post and maybe what you do is just recreate that post and delete the one you’re looking at right now. See if that works. Because if it works in another… I mean, that’s why we tested this, to see whether or not it would work in another post or not. And…

Member: It must be some little glitch in there somewhere.

Rick: I’m guessing that there is a glitch in that post. Scroll all the way down to the bottom for a second here and let’s see… okay, scroll away back up to the top, all the way to the top.

Member: Tell me when.

Rick: All the way to the top. I mean, the very top. Okay now see where it says screen options? Click on that, up in the top right and put a click beside custom fields. Okay, now scroll back down to the bottom, see if the custom field’s been added to this. Okay, back up a little bit, there we go. So currently, the custom fields are Thesis thumb height and Thesis thumb width and there’s no other… let’s see, drop down there for the add new custom field for a second. Drop down, let’s see what’s available to you. Okay, that isn’t even available there. Let’s… so maybe it’s not a… I was assuming it was perhaps a custom post meta field that would show up you know, you’d be able to see whether or it was being recorded there. Let’s go back and look at the post that is working.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And see if there is some post meta there for it.

Member: Alright.

Rick: So you scroll back down to those custom fields again.

Member: Yeah okay.

Rick: No, okay. So it’s not being stored as custom post meta anyway. Or if it is, it’s not being stored in a way that you can see it. So…

Member: Okay so recreate the post, you think?

Rick: Yeah. I would recreate the post. Go to a product page for a second for me. Go to a Shopp product. I want to see if that little exclusion is available in the Shopp product. Just pick any product, it doesn’t matter. Scroll down and see if… okay so you don’t have that Dynamic Widgets thing available to you here, okay. So it’s automatically going to show up. Let’s go look at that product for a second just to make sure it does automatically show up there.

Member: Yeah, I’m sure it does because that’s the whole reason I put it in here.

Rick: Yeah okay. So for some reason or another, it’s not working there. I mean, I don’t know why that is the case but obviously, it is not quite working there. So I guess my suggestion would be to…

Member: Build it again?

Rick: Well, I have a couple of suggestions for you, actually. One of them is to… when I’m finished with this plugin I’m writing right now, use my plugin. I’m in the process of writing a plugin called Shopp Connect for Thesis and one of the things it does is it gives the multimedia box dialogue available to products. So you can put specific… you can put the video in the multimedia box on the product and it would show up in the multimedia box but only show up on that one page. And…

Member: And will that work in this case since it’s inside of Thesis and it’s just a post?

Rick: Well, it wouldn’t show up on any posts unless you put inside of the multimedia box for the post as well. But what I’m… what this plugin is going to do is it’s also going to create a Shopp-specific sidebar that will replace sidebar 1. And so you can have entirely different… you can have entirely different widgets on your Shopp pages than you have on your regular pages.

Member: I see. But even with your new plugin, you still need something like Dynamic Widget to handle the posts section, right?

Rick: Yeah. If you want it to be different than posts, yeah.

Member: Yeah. So in this case here, I really need to try to get this Dynamic Widget working for posts, right?

Rick: Because your goal is to have this thing… have that video on most of your pages just excluding that from a single post.

Member: Yeah, half and half probably, yeah.

Rick: Yeah. I would say that probably what you have is a glitch with that post and if you would just create a brand new post and replace the content, make sure you empty the trash when you do that.

Member: Empty the trash here before I do it?

Rick: No, no. Empty the trash after you’ve deleted the post or after you put the post to trash, create a new one. Make sure you remove the old one.

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