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Troubleshooting Background Image Display Issues in Thesis

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In this session we troubleshoot background image display issues in Thesis. We look at the custom.css for the site in Firefox and discover the issue is that the image was being defined as a .jpg but it is actually a .png.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay great, thank you.

Rick: Okay. So you’re having difficulty getting a background image to show up.

Member: Yes. It started out with it showing up fine and then I did something with the little parts of one of my people here, didn’t get fixed when I did them and now it’s still not showing up so I’m not sure why.

Rick: And you can see my screen here?

Member: Yes.

Rick: So this is the site, and this is the custom css file and the only thing the custom css file has is this, right?

Member: Right.

Rick: Okay I think the problem still is that this is wrong address. But let’s just try it and see. What we’re going to do is try to get to that image in a browser. If it’s the right address then we’ll be able to find it in this browser. So let’s see, actually… let me start with this because… I mean, the browser recognizes the definition. It just doesn’t see anything there.

So here we go. It should be, wp content, themes, thesis 184, custom images, sewinasylum.jpg, right?

Member: No, it’s a png.

Rick: Well, you’ve defined it as a jpg though. I mean, your code says jpg. Yeah, that’s what it is.

Member: Yeah, that’s probably what it is. Okay, that was easy enough.

Rick: Okay, good luck.

Member: Thank you.

Rick: You betcha. Bye bye.

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