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Troubleshooting File Locations for Thesis Installation

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This member has uploaded Thesis to his site yet he doesn’t have the option of activating Thesis. He can see Thesis in FileZilla and it is in his local copy of his website. We troubleshoot the problem, find where the files should be stored, edit the FileZilla settings and fix the installation.

Video Transcript

Rick: This morning I’d like to start off with Gary. Gary’s got an issue associated with getting Thesis properly installed in WordPress. And Gary, I’m going to unmute your microphone here. Good morning, Gary. I can barely hear you, can you speak closer to the microphone for me?

Gary: Is that better?

Rick: That is better, yes. Gary, what I want to do is I want to have you share your screen with us so I can see what you see. So I’m going to make you a presenter and now, all you have to do is share your screen. You should have a little dialog there that says, “Share your screen.” And then… I beg your pardon?

Gary: Shall I go ahead and log in to Build Your Own Business website?

Rick: Well, no. First off, there’s a dialog box on your window right now somewhere that says, “Share your screen.” So just go ahead and click the button that says you know, “Share your screen” so that we can see it… so I can see it. Okay, perfect. And so, what I want you to do is let’s see… hang on a second, I’m just going to adjust my browser window here. Okay, so what I want you to do is open up Filezilla and show me where Thesis is.


Rick: Yeah, just keep going. Let’s see, it appears to be running… let’s see. Go ahead and say Ignore. See what happens. Oh, it’s uninstalling. Okay, well while we are waiting for that to do its thing, why don’t you open up the dashboard of your website so we can see what you see there. So just open it up in a web browser. You know, I can’t really hear what you’re saying so…

Gary: I’ve got to invest in a better mic. Okay, I’ll go ahead and go to the Site Management right now so you could see what…

Rick: Okay, that’s fine.

Gary: Okay, connecting right now.

Rick: Okay, before you go anywhere else, I just want to see where you are… you’re in… on the left hand side, you’re in users Andalusia desktop buyer and – Gary business notes my business website WordPresswp content.

Gary: That is correct.

Rick: Okay, okay so double click on Themes.

Okay. That’s double click on Themes.

Gary: Rick: Okay double click on thesis_18. No, not that one. Yeah, in fact, thesis_18 DIY should just be thrown away or unless you’re saving it for some reason. You can’t use it that way. Looks like you’ve renamed your custom file folder.

Gary: Yes, that’s instructed… it’s sort of custom sample and I changed the custom.

Rick: Yes, but it needs to be in lowercase. So you need to change that to lowercase custom.

Gary: Can I go ahead and just do the right click and choose rename right here?

Rick: Yes, you can do it in both that way in both places. Okay, just do it over in the right hand side. It doesn’t really matter that much what’s on the left. Let’s just do it on the right. Oh maybe…okay, there we go. Now, on the left hand side, name it custom1 or custom_sample. Just go back and name it custom_sample in lowercase. Okay now, right click on custom on the right hand side there and download. Okay so while it’s doing that, I’d like you to go to your website in a browser and go to your dashboard. So now, go to your dashboard. Who’s your webhost by the way? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you again.

Gary: You mean the webhost? You mean, what it says on there?

Rick: Yeah. Is it Bluehost or…

Gary: Oh yeah, Bluehost. Yeah, I’m sorry. Bluehost.

Rick: So, now go to Appearance and Themes… yeah, okay. So now what I want you to do is I want you to open up your… I want you to log in to your Bluehost dashboard. Just open up a new window and go to Bluehost. Actually Gary, you see the little button… the little tab right beside the main tab there where it says… that tab and then right off to the right hand side, see the little tiny tab? If you select that, that will automatically just create a new tab. Anyway, let’s go to Bluehost. What we’re going to do is log in to your control panel there. It looks to me like Gary… I’m guessing that you’ve placed Thesis in a different website here. It’s going to be my guess. Yeah, I’m sorry. I can’t hear what you’re saying again. But what we’re going to do is once you’re logged in, we’re going to go to the File Manager and we’re going to take a look at the file system that you have and see exactly where the files are for the auto identity site.

Gary: Okay, I’m logging in right now.

Rick: Yeah. Okay so the next thing to do is to go to your File Manager. Yeah, there you go. There’s File Manager. Actually, you just went down below it. A little higher… a little higher, there you go. See where it says “Files” right there in the middle? Now, you’re above it.

Gary: Simple scripts?

Rick: No, no. I want you to go to the File Manager which is down below. It’s no longer on the window anymore. You have to scroll down the window.

Gary: Oh scroll down. Okay.

Rick: Yeah. Not too far though because you… keep going. Stop there. See where it says, “Files” and “File Manager”?

Gary: Yes.

Rick: Select that and go to the web root…

Gary: Web root and… right?

Rick: Yup. Okay so you have… and we are working on the folder that’s supposed to be in my car’s true identity. Is that right?

Gary: Yes, that’s correct.

Rick: So double click on that folder there, on the folder icon itself. It’s right there on the right hand side, right beside your cursor. There is a “My Car’s True Identity” folder. If you double click on that folder icon…

Gary: Where it says… right there on…

Rick: Yes, double click on that. Double click on wp content. Double click on themes. You’ll notice that there is no thesis_18 there. That’s because you don’t have Filezilla hooked up to that location.

Gary: Oh I see. It’s out there somewhere else and…

Rick: Filezilla is loading it probably to your main site or whatever. So now, let’s go back to Filezilla. You just leave this stuff open but open Filezilla.

Gary: Back to Filezilla?

Rick: Yup.

Gary: Okay.

Rick: Okay now I want you to go up to File Manager or Site Manager, I mean. Yup, there we go. And now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to edit this. So go to Advanced… okay, and see your default remote directory. It should be public HTML/mycarstrueidentity/wpcontent.

Gary: So that’s what I’m going to have in the browser and look for that?

Rick: Well, no. See where it says “remote default directory”?

Gary: Yes.

Rick: Right below that, right after public HTML, put your cursor.

Gary: Okay.

Rick: No, put your cursor right after public HTML. Okay, now put a slash there and then type mycarstrueidentity.

Gary: Okay, I need a second.

Rick: Okay, go ahead and say connect. Say okay. No, abort. Do the abort one.

Gary: Okay.

Rick: Select abort and say okay. Okay now, double click on themes.

Gary: Is that the selection from the right side or…

Rick: Does it matter? Since they’re synchronized, it doesn’t matter. Now on the left hand side there, see where it says “thesis_18”? I want you to right click on that and say upload. And now, you’re in the process of uploading Thesis to the website that you want it on. That was the problem was you were uploading it to a different website.

Gary: I see, okay. That was what I was trying to figure out… how one was connected to the other. I’m so grateful that you were able to walk me through this.

Rick: I’m delighted to do it and as soon as we get this thing uploaded, we will go back to the website and we’ll install Thesis. Okay, there we go. So now go back to your browser window and go to your website. I think it’s the one that says… I don’t know which one it is actually. It’s not that.

Gary: Yeah, I have copied that…

Rick: It’s one of those browser windows you have down there. Oh, it’s probably Manage Themes. Yeah, there we go. Okay now, refresh that browser. Control + F5 or yeah…

Gary: Oh my goodness. I’ve been waiting for hours and days for this.

Rick: Okay so let’s go ahead and activate it.

Gary: Just click the…

Rick: Well just go down to activate. There you go.

Gary: I’m excited. Oh wow, this is the one I wanted to see…

Rick: Okay so go ahead and check your site now. Click the button that says “Check out your site now.”

Gary: Is that on top? Oh check out your site…

Rick: Yeah.

Yeah, this is nice.

Rick: There you go, Gary. You now have Thesis installed on your site.

Gary: I am so grateful. You’re a professional. I’m so grateful to be… thank you for your patience. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Rick: You betcha. I’m glad we got it working for you.

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