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Troubleshooting Issues in Backup Buddy

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In this session we troubleshoot issues in BackupBuddy and demonstrate how to exclude file and directory defaults. We check the server tools for issues and we suggest updating WordPress, BackupBuddy and all plugins.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so let’s go to BackupBuddy.

Member: BackupBuddy?

Rick: Yeah, that’s fine just the Backup or whatever that’s fine. Okay so 120.78 megabites well that’s not very big.  That took 3 hours?

Member: No, 1 hour.

Rick: Oh, 1 hour. That took 1 hour.

Member: That’s what it said.

Rick: Okay let’s go down go to Settings.

Member: Settings, here we go.

Rick: And scroll down, we’re looking for exclusion or exclude or yeah it’s exclusions. Not database exclusions scroll down a little further, file and directory defaults. Okay, so scroll that little scroll bar down a little bit so I can see what your choices are. Okay well really, the only thing you need to exclude from that is cgi-bin I guess. Scroll back up, all the way up to the top.

Member: There.

Rick: No that was… yeah that’s it.

Member: You just take that out?

Rick: If you put your mouse in the top righthand corner and click that minus sign, there you go it’s now excluded. Okay.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Then…

Member: Oh it’s in there twice, it’s in there twice. Okay.

Rick: Okay.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Now hit Save General Settings. Okay now that’s not going to increase the speed any because it’s no big deal but let’s go to Advanced Settings and Troubleshooting.

Member: And that would be…

Rick: Actually, let’s go to Server Tools.

Member: And where would that be?

Rick: It’s under BackupBuddy there.

Member: In this?

Rick: Well you got to scroll back up to the BackupBuddy menu and then in the BackupBuddy menu on the left there’s a thing that says Server Tools.

Member: There it is, okay.

Rick: Okay, scroll down a little bit. I’m just looking at the green things over there to see if they all say Pass or not. Okay so you’ve got…

Member: Warning

Rick: Warning, that just means that those are plugins that need to be updated. Okay scroll down more. Okay so you.. okay keep going there you go. So it looks like you don’t have any problems there. Go back to your backups.

Member: What is this one, Warning right at the top?

Rick: It just means that you haven’t updated BackupBuddy yet.

Member: Okay.

Rick: But it’s 5.1 versus 5.1.9 not that big a deal. I mean you could update it and see whether or not it has an effect on it but go back to backups for a second.

Member: I did wanted..

Rick: You’d want to do what?

Member: I didn’t want to do anything until I talk about this.

Rick: Sure. Okay let’s see, is there any way in this log shows how long it took? Okay, yeah actually hover over…

Member: Does it show here?

Rick: Keep scrolling down let’s see. Okay, so it took 4,137 seconds which is how long? A long time.

Member: Divided by 60 seconds to a minute.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: I don’t have a calculator.

Rick: 4000, I do.

Member: Oh yeah.

Rick: 37 divided by 60. 68 minutes. I don’t know. I guess as long as this is working I wouldn’t worry about it because you don’t have anything wrong there, you’re not getting any notification that there’s a problem. You know it could be that when you update WordPress and update BackupBuddy you know, that’ll speed it up I don’t know.

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