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Troubleshooting NextGen Upload Problems

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In this session we troubleshoot NextGen upload problems where there is an HTTP error. We look at several different reasons this may be happening and identify that the problem is related to the flash upload. Flash upload allows you to upload multiple images at the same time. We disable the flash upload and then suggest using a zip file to upload multiple images.

Video Transcript

Member: Do you see my screen?

Rick: Yes.

Member: Alright. So I’m here on my dashboard… let me shrink that there. And so here we are, Gallery. This is the NextGen Gallery.

Rick: So show me the galleries you have set up so go to Manage Galleries.

Member: So these are the options and I followed exactly how you have it but I didn’t change these things. I left these as they are.

Rick: That’s fine.

Member: And Manage Gallery… oh, I have one… it’s this one. This was like a test run that I was trying to see how it works when I click on that.

Rick: So it doesn’t currently have any images in it?

Member: No photos in there whatsoever. And I go to Add Gallery Image and I choose a gallery as I remember. Choose files and let’s say… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… let’s chose those. There they are. And if you… let me see, they don’t say the size.

Rick: Yeah they do. They’re all reasonably sized so go ahead and hit upload.

Member: And this is what I keep getting, this error message.

Rick: Okay well let’s just watch and see what happens when it’s done. Okay now go back to Manage Gallery. Okay, no images there, I see. So you’re getting an http error. Who’s your host?

Member: Bluehost.

Rick: Okay. Show me your plugins for a moment.

Member: Active?

Rick: Well, yeah. I just want to see whether or not there’s anything here we should deactivate. Okay so I would deactivate Easy WP SEO and Framebuster and Max BlogPress Ping Optimizer and let’s see… Premium Viral Magnet. Yeah, let’s just deactivate those and see whether or not it does the same thing.

Member: So go back to Gallery?

Rick: Now just pick a single image. You don’t have to pick a bunch of them. Just pick one. Okay actually, let’s just go make sure… can you open up Filezilla? Let’s go take a look at the permissions on that directory just to make sure that it is right permissions.

Member: Where am I going?

Rick: Uploads. No, that was upgrade. We want to go to uploads and then let’s see… let’s go back to your browser for a second and look at those options. Go back to the Gallery Options and look where it says that stuff is being saved. So under… let’s see, Content Gallery. Okay so that doesn’t exist. That gallery path does not exist. Yeah, under WP… I’m sorry, go back up one. Go back to Filezilla. I’m sorry, maybe I’m mistaken there. Go back up one level so not inside of uploads. Let’s look and see… okay, there’s gallery. Double click on gallery. Okay, biometrics, double click on it. Okay, go back up one. Right click on bio… whatever that is and right click on it and let’s see, it says file permissions. Change 755 to 775, hit okay. Let’s go back and try that again, try uploading one. Error http error… okay, let me just do a little search for that for a second. NextGen, http error… okay so let’s go back to Add Gallery Images and let’s see, disable flash uploads. See that button there that says “Disable Flash Upload”? It’s next to Upload Images. Click that and now choose a file.

Member: Okay, I changed this back to 755.

Rick: That’s fine. 755 should work. I just… so now, choose a file. Just pick one file.

Member: Don’t tell me that worked. Seriously?

Rick: Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s the image upload, I mean, the flash uploader.

Member: What was that, enable flash? What does that mean?

Rick: Well, it’s just that there’s a flash-based uploader there down the… the purpose for having this disable flash upload is sometimes, the flash upload doesn’t work and so then you’d have to use the regular, non-flash upload. That’s all it is. And the thing is that the enable… you can only pick one file at a time when you are… when you’ve disabled your flash upload. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t upload a zip file, right? You could… if all of the images are in a single zip file, you can upload a single zip file without the flash uploader and get all of the files, I mean, get all of your videos.. I mean, your images that way. So if you put your images in a single zip folder then you can choose the zip folder and it will expand… I mean, it will unzip the folder.

Member: If I do that, let me… can I just copy these and make that all use the originals?

Rick: Just say send to zip or something like that?

Member: And I can upload that right from here.

Rick: Yeah, go ahead.

Member: And now what happens?

Rick: Go to Manage Galleries. Now you have 7 images in your gallery.

Member: Excellent. Alright, alright. I can’t believe that was just it. Oh my God.

Rick: Well, I’m sorry it didn’t occur to me right off the bat but…

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