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Troubleshooting Text Formatting in the WordPress Editor

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This member is having some difficulty with formatting text in the WordPress text editor. We look at reasons why text formatting might not work properly. We also install the TinyMCE Advanced text editor and adjust the size of text using the font size selector. We also discuss how the text editor treats HTML.

Video Transcript

So then you said you’re having trouble with some text.

Yes and I watched the videos too. It just seems like I said in my question, as soon as I put the header in the h1, anything that follows it, even if I close the tag, it just seems to go crazy. And all the rest of the text changes to an h1 tag.

And are you physically typing in an h1 closing and opening or are you selecting the text and telling you want it in h1 or how is that working?

Sometimes I will… well, when I’m initially setting it up, the post… I usually will hit the h1 button or whatever. But then when I start having problems with it, I’ll go and I’ll look at the HTML and I’ll start backing things out and changing and then we’re off to the waiting.

Okay so well, for example, here I am in a post. If I put my cursor there and I… oh, I need a kitchen sink… and I select h1, the entire paragraph becomes h1 because I’ve placed my cursor inside of a paragraph. Okay…

This is on a line all by itself, it’s the word announcing when we were looking at my site last night, the music site? This is just the word announcing and I wanted that h1 and then I come down a couple of lines and everything after that becomes huge.

Okay so then if we take that to an h1…

Watch. It’s not going to do it for you.

If we go over to HTML…now, you probably don’t want that to be h1. In the first place, h1 is going to be coming… your real h1 is going to be coming from…if it’s on your homepage, your real h1 is going to be coming from your site title anyway.


And this stuff down here becomes h2. You really only want one h1 on a page. So if you want this to be big though, you can… without using code, I do this too. I would’ve put a class in here, I would have just said p class equals such and such and then add a style to that class. But that doesn’t… that’s not a beginning task.


So what I would do here instead then is just select this and then you can adjust the font size… well, maybe you can’t in the regular visual editor. I guess you can’t. I was thinking you could but… well you know, then you would just make it an h2 instead of an h1. Or you could look at installing a what you see is what you get text editor like Tiny MCE Advanced, something like that. I might even have that plugin installed here.

What is it called?

Just not activated.

Tiny what?

It’s called Tiny MCE Advanced. Let’s see, let’s just add that for a second here. Tiny MCE Advanced.

Is there a problem with having too many plugins in?

Well, there can be a problem with having too many plugins but I have, on my main site, 45. Something like that. Now, granted that Google says my site is slow. The average page load is 2 ½ seconds. Now one of the reasons though is because of the videos but if you just look at my plugins… let’s see, how many plugins am I showing? I’m showing… let’s show 50 plugins. Now, all my plugins will show up. Now I have some that are deactivated but… and I’m you know, I’m actually working on trying to remove some of them as I make some changes but nevertheless, I have of plugins installed here. I’m also in a virtual private server so I have more processing power than the average shared hosting. But nevertheless…yes, there is a problem adding plugins or they can be a problem adding plugins. Most of my plugins are… well in act, only a couple of my plugins run out to another site and grab information and bring it back. And that’s one of the things that really slows the site down like you know, Facebook plugins or you know, Twitter plugins that are going to display latest tweets, like that. Those plugins can really slow a site down. Although I think, all time worst is Add to Any Subscribe plugin. That one…

What was that? Add what?

That one… Add to Any Subscribe. It’s a very popular plugin but it will just slow the daylights out of your site but it’s a very very slow operating one. So anyway, what was I… oh, so back to the Tiny MCE Editor. So I activated that plugin and now if I go back to my post and edit the post and let’s see, I’m in the visual view. Let’s turn on everything. Now I can you know, I could put announce in here and select it and then change its font size to you know, 24 point bold.

We used to have this in an earlier version of WordPress. I seem to remember seeing that.

No, I don’t think so. You may have seen it in other… you may have worked on a version that had a wysiwyg editor in it but I don’t believe there ever has been a… that ability. So there it is right? Here’s my… on this page, my h1 tag actually says testing WordPress Thesis CMS and the context of a community library. That’s my actual h1 tag on the homepage, the blog page. Oh actually, pardon me, I’m sorry. This is not the blog page, this is actually the post itself. On the post itself, this is the h1 tag. On the homepage, this is the h1 tag. This is an h2 tag, this one’s an h2 tag and this is just an emphasized piece of text.

Okay well you know, except for the plugin, I don’t see that you anything differently than I did except for changing the size of the tag underneath…

Well, if it… I mean, the chances are, there’s an errant opening or closing tag someplace that you’re only going to notice if you look at its HTML view and look carefully.


You know…

I did.

Well, you’re just going to have to go back at it again because there’s definitely some you know, little thing in there that’s causing the problem. It’s not going to apply itself across the board. What can happen though is you can have what you think of as paragraphs, right? So when you typed it, you know, this is actually… these are actually separated. If you were to you know, now change the paragraph tag to a heading, it would do the whole thing, right? Because WordPress doesn’t recognize that these are each separate at that point. And so, the way you would beat that is by going before each new paragraph and hitting enter. And then you’ve got real formatted paragraphs that aren’t going to be affected by that kind of change.

You just hit the enter key to make the paragraph?


Okay because I didn’t ehar you. You went away for a second, my call waiting clicked in.

Yes, I just hit the enter key before I hit the paragraph and it created paragraphs. If you come over here then you’d see the space you know, that shows up between them. So it’s got to be something like that.

Is there any other way to make a paragraph other than hitting the enter key?

Well besides hitting the enter key, what you can do is you can use a paragraph tag itself. And it’s not necessarily a basic task but if you get rid of that there. Now, so you’ve got a paragraph tag and in fact, if we just create that paragraph tag again and then closing paragraph tag. Actually you know what? Close tags, will that happen? Close all open tags, no, it’s not happening.

Probably because you did it manually. I mean, I’ve done that manually because I was wondering if there was a button for it. It would be nice.

No, there’s no button for that. WordPress automatically… so you can see that it does the same thing. And then WordPress took the tags away and did this instead. WordPress automatically cleans up from its standpoint, cleans up or it sanitizes the HTML which is why complex HTML can be problematic inside of the content. And why I generally… well, I say that all the time because you can see what happens here. It strips the tags out and does what it wants to do with that.

Yeah, okay.


Yeah. Thank you.

Great. Okay, you’re welcome. Oh when you asked about embedding YouTube videos, just go search my site. I have a couple of videos on how to embed YouTube. It’s quite easy.

Okay. Thank you, Rick.

You’re welcome.

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