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Troubleshooting Text Pasted From Microsoft Word

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A member was having problems with text in a page not displaying as she intended.  The text would not align with the top of an image and there were large spaces between paragraphs.  We looked at the page source and saw that there were hundreds of in-line codes associated with pasting text from Microsoft Word directly into the text editor.

Video Transcript

An issue where you want to get some text to a line with the top of this guy’s image, right? With Zeke’s image and it’s stuck here in the middle?


And in fact, isn’t there a page where it doesn’t show up at all or am I mistaken?

What do you mean what doesn’t show up at all?

Well, I thought… let’s see.

I don’t know how it looks in this side actually.

So the trick here is if you look at the source of the page, you can see that it has a whole bunch again, inline style definitions. Let’s see, are we… yes, we are. See, so it’s got all these inline style definitions from an Office Microsoft Word pasted document and it even references your local computer in the document. So you’ve got all these Microsoft Word styles added and then you also… so here we are at Zeke, right? Whereis the image? Well, the main problem here is all of these things like LI .mso normal div mso normal… all these inline style, those are all created when you pasted from Word and you should really delete all of that from your content and paste in plain text. If this was just plain text that you pasted in then you know, this little left align from the image would work and the text would jump up. But unfortunately, same thing is true with your image here really. You know, this should be up here. And the problem is that you have all this extraneous Microsoft Word code inside the page. You know, I do have and I’m pretty sure you have already seen these but I do have videos on this whole question of cutting and pasting … videos on copying and pasting text.

Yeah, yeah I know. I don’t know why I didn’t do that at this point but I knew it.

Okay ‘coz that’s really the problem there.

Okay, great. Great, thank you.

It’s just that stuff.


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