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Troubleshooting Thesis Installation Errors – Part 5 – Replace New Database with Backup

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In this session, we are going to get rid of the new database and replace it with the backup database of the old site. Now the Thesis Menu is showing up and the site is back to normal, problem solved!

Video Transcript

So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to trash that database and replace it with the database that we backed up. So back to MySQL and we’re in personal, right? We’re going to check all… actually, first we’re going to export this so we have a backup copy of our clean database. That’s going to be G-zipped. I’m going to say go.

Okay and then we’ll come back to it and we’re going to delete all of its contents so we’ll check all. And we’re going to drop and we’re going to say yes. And just so you know that we’ve actually killed the site, it’s trying to reinstall again, right?

So anyway, the site is back to being dead but what we’re going to do now is we are going to…no, we’ve got that. We’re going to import and we’re going to import that database that we exported. So we’re going to choose a file and we’re choosing it from our downloads and it’s this WRD37CC blah blah blah. But it’s a G-zip file so it’s not… it doesn’t look the same. Better do it by name. Okay, there it is. We’re going to upload that one, say go. You see, it’s cranking away, uploading the stuff to the database. What it’s doing is it’s adding all the old database information, everything that was in the old database is now in the new database and everything that was in the new database is gone.

So now, if we come over here, we have a functioning Personal Baby Products site. And if we refresh this page here, we probably have to log back in again. Yeah, let’s see. So it says login information. Okay and look, Thesis now shows up over here. So if we refresh this… oh no, that’s right. We need to save our Thesis Design Options. We’ve got the options but we need to use Design Options to create the layout CSS which got changed. Okay now it should work. There it is.

Okay so now this site is back up and running. Thesis Site Options, Design Options and all the rest of that stuff all works. We still have all of our products, I believe. And yeah, all of our products, let’s just double check the store here. Products, onesies, okay. We need to fix our… flush our permalinks settings. That’s what this means, when we get a page not found when we click off to another page.

That means we have a… in this case, since we know the page actually exists, it means we have an issue with our permalink settings. And so we go to permalinks and all we really had to do was just open it. We don’t have to do anything else, just open it. Let’s go back to home. Okay, baby blankets works. Okay, onesies is working now, About Us works. We go back to onesies and we add something to our cart. The cart appears to work. We checkout with PayPal. It’s taken us to PayPal. Everything seems like it’s working again.

Yeah, okay so to sum up what we just did here, what we did was first off, we backed up WP content and the database. Then we renamed WP content, deleted all the rest of the WordPress files. We tried to do a fresh WordPress install but for whatever reason, iPower was having a problem with that. So instead, what we did was we installed just a fresh copy of the core files. Because we just did that, we didn’t actually replace WP content. So we didn’t do a fresh Thesis install. We did backup our new database and then we replaced the new database with the old database and we have it working.

So somewhere in the process on this site, there was a problem in some file and we spent a couple of hours trying to solve this problem by doing a whole bunch of different things. And finally, it came down to simply reinstalling WordPress and then migrating the existing files that we wanted to keep. And the critical part of that was the old database and the old WP content. And because we kept those two things, this whole process worked.

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