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How to Upgrade Carta When There is No Upgrade Notice

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In this live answer session we walk you through the steps of upgrading Carta Skin when there is no upgrade notice. This exact same manual upgrade process can be used to upgrade any Thesis Skin when you don’t have an upgrade notification.

Video Transcript

Rick: So you wanted to talk about how to upgrade the Carta Skin when you don’t have an upgrade notifications, is that right?

Member: That’s right.

Same Process for Any Thesis Theme

Rick: This is actually the case for any Thesis theme, the process is the same. I am going to make you the presenter here and then I’m just going to talk you through it.

Oh, looks like now you’ve got the one Skin update available, is that right?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Go ahead and go over that and… oh no it’s just Classic Responsive, so go ahead and update Classic Responsive anyway there.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And then in a separate window, I can see you’ve got your dashboard open to my website already but in a separate window go to my website there… and then go over to Member Benefits and Skins for Thesis theme 2.2.

Download Most Recent Version

The first step is I’m going to have you do is download the most recent version. So you’re looking at yeah Carta there. Again, this is the case for any Thesis Skin, it really isn’t just for Carta.

Go ahead and click on that link and we have to scroll down to get to the button that lets you download it. Yes, it’s pretty much right there so then download the plugin. Okay. So that’s step one, make sure you have a copy of the plug-in.

Save a Copy of the Existing Data

Step 2 – go back to your website and then go ahead and click the button return to Thesis or you could go to the Skin Editor, that’s the other choice.

Member: Now this Manage Skins has appeared…

Rick: Well you can click on it again and see but it’s probably just going to go away…

Member: Yeah… right…

Rick: Anyway go back to the Skin Editor because the second thing we need to do before we do anything else is simply to save a copy of the data that we have right now.

Create a Backup

So go up to Data Manager and create a new back up and I would create this prior to upgrading to 2.2. This allows you to always restore the data if something funky happens.

And if you want to really make sure that you have all the data possible, then you go to that blue export button and export that. It will download to your computer all of that data which you could then import back into the site if all hell broke loose and everything stopped working.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So go ahead and close that window. Now we have our backup, a way to get back to where you are right now if something goes wrong. Now that you have done that…

Member: Should I backup the site?

Rick: No, you’re fine because you’ve already backed up the site today right, so…

Member: Okay, not since I upgraded to 4.6.

Rick: Yes then you should back up the site.

Member: It doesn’t say load in a second…

Rick: Right

Member: Okay.

Rick: So once you have got all of your backed up data or once you back everything up, the next step is a scary step for most people but it doesn’t need to be.

Activate Another Skin and Delete the Skin

We’re going to just dive right in so go to our Thesis Manage Skins because the next step is to change the Skin that you’re using.

Member: Okay.

Rick: Now activate the Classic Responsive Skin and now delete Carta 2.1. That’s that red button that says delete – just delete it.

Member: Okay.I have full faith in you, Rick.

Rick: Great. Okay so now you can just close that.

Member: Okay

Rick: And now click the upload a new skin.

Member: Where?

Rick: The blue button on the far right.

Member: I’m still backing up…

Activate the Skin

Rick: Okay. There are just two more steps to go, nice and straight forward. Okay, is that backup done?

Member: Okay fine, so it’s done then.

Rick: So go ahead and click on upload a new skin. It’s that little button on the far right. Yeah you might have to minimize your gotomeeting thing or move it around or something.

Member: Okay

Rick: Choose the file. So now you’re going to…must be downloads and…Yeah, I would search by day if you can but otherwise…

Member: It’s that one is it?

Rick: Yeah it’s probably that one. So choose the Skin, so go ahead and choose file…

Member: Hope you get it.

Rick: Well you can’t choose it on the left though, you’ve got to choose it on the right. Yeah. So there it is right down there yeah, you can just double-click on it.

Member: Okay

Rick: There you go, add the Skin. Okay, can you close that box? Go down and click Activate Skin. Notice how that picture over there is a 2.1? It says Carta 2.1 instead of Carta 2.2? Just reload this page and the little, the Carta 2.1 will become 2.2. There you go.

Save Design Options

Okay so you’ve got one last step and that’s going to that’s to go to Skin Design and hit Save Design Options. Okay go look at your site. There you go.

Member: True.

Recap Upgrade Steps

Rick: So let me recap the steps.

  1. Download the most recent version.
  2. Do the backup.
  3. Activate another Skin
  4. Delete the skin
  5. Upload the latest version
  6. Activate it
  7. Go to Skin Design and Save Design Options

Once you’ve done that, that’s how you can manually upgrade when you don’t have an upgrade notification. Now I have no idea why you didn’t have an upgrade notification. I hear it every once in awhile that people don’t get upgrade notifications and so that’s how to do the upgrade process when you don’t.

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