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How to Use the BYOB Custom Post Nav Box

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In this session we show how to use the BYOB Custom Post Nav box by first demonstrating how to add the box and then we show how to customize the custom text.

Video Transcript

Rick: Now the box will work in any skin. Let’s go over here, let’s activate Social Triggers for this. We’ll come over to the Editor and go to our Single Template, and here now what you’re doing is coming down and looking for a BYOB Custom Post Nav. You can add that and we’ll…Previous/Next, come over here, shift+drag that into Previous/Next. We’ll get rid of Next Post Link. And we’ll make this one the next post and here we’ll use your own custom text and we’ll just say “Next Post”. Say okay to that, save it and view the site. Let’s just go over to News and here is Next post, Fresh Baked Bread, so it will just say Next Post and Previous Post like that. So you can do that on any skin as well.

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