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Using Google Analytics to Track How Many Visits Another Site Refers to your Site

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In this session, we use google analytics to show how to track the number of visits other websites refer your site. We look at the analytics from one of our member’s site and review the traffic sources.

Video Transcript

Rick: Okay so you had a question about trying to figure out referrals. Why don’t you tell me that question again?

Member: Well, I am stepping out and doing my first paid advertising on another site. And so I… they’re not signed up to be an affiliate. I mean, so obviously, that would be an easy way to track. So I just was wondering if there was a way to be able to tell how much traffic, other than you know, with the… on the dashboard at the bottom that tells you the you know, pages where you’re getting it. But if you’re not getting that many, it won’t really align in there. So I just didn’t know if there was a way so that I can end up seeing if this is worth you know, the money that I’m paying to advertise just to kind of be able to review after the period ends so…

Rick: Absolutely. And really, the fail-safe method is to use Google Analytics. And so are you signed in into your Gmail account?

Member: No, probably not so…

Rick: Why don’t you go ahead and sign in to your Gmail account. I actually have your Analytics account set up with one of my Gmail accounts too so I’m going to show you on yours. But it would be good for you to you know, just login to your Gmail account and login to your Analytics account from there.

Member: Okay so I’m in there and then…

Rick: Okay, once you’re in your Gmail account, if you’re over on the upper right hand side, if you click on your name, you can see this account settings.

Member: Right, okay.

Rick: Okay, that’s where you want to go from there. Now once you’re in your account settings, the only way I know of to get to your Analytics is to scroll down here and go to “Visit the previous version of Google Accounts screen”. There may be another way to get into Analytics but I’m unable to find it.

Member: Well so the screen that comes up for me, under it, it says, “My Products” halfway down the page and there is a place to click for Analytics so…

Rick: Okay so go ahead and click on Analytics and does your screen look roughly like mine does?

Member: Hang on. I’m on the wrong page, sorry.

Rick: It’s okay.

Member: Yes so I click on yeah, my…

Rick: Okay so you can just watch me from here since what we’ll do is we’ll click on The Confident Mom. And so this month so far, you’ve had 6,040 people visit your site. And what you want to know is how many people have been referred to you so far from a specific site, is that correct?

Member: Right, yeah.

Rick: And what is the… what’s the name of that site?

Member: Okay, it’s called Tater Tots & Jello.

Rick: Tater Tots & Jello, okay.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: So…

Member: And it’s the & symbol, it’s not spelled ‘and’ out if that makes a difference.

Rick: Okay so then what we’re going to do then is under traffic sources, that’s what I have, I’m sorry. We go to traffic sources down here on the right, click on that, and then look at your sources. And the first thing we’ll just do is look at all traffic so that you can see where your traffic is coming from. Because right now, almost half of your traffic or a substantial portion of your traffic is coming from Google searches. And then a big piece of your traffic is coming from people just typing in So these are people who know you and are automatically typing in. And then what you have are the rest of the referring sites.

And so if we choose for a moment, traffic sources and medium… I mean, right now, if we just look at… let’s actually grab her tatertots& is her actual name. So let’s just change that, advance filter on. And so with tatertots& and apply it. Okay so what that does is… what this advanced filter does is it tells you… it looks for all of those… everything where the source medium contains this name, tatertots& And if we, for example, switch that to Facebook which you have a fair bit of referral traffic from, it would show you that you know, you’re getting… you got 61 visits from… actually, let’s just… let’s turn off that. So forget the special medium and just use Facebook, okay let’s use Facebook. Actually, that’s not really telling you what you wanted, is it? Let’s go to traffic source and advanced and Facebook. I wanted to…

Okay so now, this is everything that is… where the referral source is Facebook shows up here. And so you have a total of about you know, 610 visits or so directed to your site. Oh yeah, 610 visits up there directed to your site on Facebook. Now if we edit this, let’s go back to Tater Tots & Jello and apply it. That was a better choice, actually. You’ve had 27 visits since the 17th.

Member: Yeah, which would have been where it went live so yeah, that makes sense.

Rick: Okay so actually, that’s the way to do it then.

Member: So I get that. I’m sorry, so I get that part. I guess so is there… there is not a way to see how many of those people actually made a purchase?

Rick: Well, there is a way to see how many of… each of those people made a purchase but what we have to do is configure your Gmail account… I mean, configure Analytics to handle that information and yeah, there definitely is a way to do that but we don’t have your site set up currently in order to capture that information. Now, I wish I could tell you I was prepared to do that for you this very moment…

Member: Oh, that’s okay because I don’t think I made myself very clear on what my question was you know, as the bottom line so… I mean, it’s great to know that people are coming and I imagine you know, some of these people, they’re making a purchase or signing up for getting you know, my freebie or something. But I guess the bottomline in that end to know if advertising is worth what you’re paying is whether they’re actually making a purchase, I guess so…

Rick: That’s absolutely right. And to know whether or not people are doing what you want them to do on your site, you have to set goals. You have to tell Analytics what you want them to do. And so… but I guess an answer to your question, your real question, the first question that you asked was a lot simpler which is, “How do I know how much traffic is being sent to my site from this source?” And we found that 27 visitors have been sent to the site since in the last 2 days. And then to figure out purchases, we’re going to have to do that next week. And what we’ll do is we’ll add all the transaction tracking to your site next week and then you’ll be able to see essentially in real time as purchases are made, where those purchases came from.

Member: Okay, sounds good.

Rick: Okay?

Member: Alright, thanks.

Rick: Great. We’ll chat with you next week.

Member: Okay, stay warm.

Rick: You too, bye bye.

Member: Bye.

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