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Using Google Places to Help with Local Search

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This member wants to make sure that she competes successfully in local search results. I suggest that she set up a Google Places account and show her how it worked for me. We look at my Google Places page for my architecture practice.

Video Transcript

Do you have a Google Local Places account?


Okay well, you should do that. For example… let’s see, we’ll just search for Google Local Places. Yeah, not… let’s see, Google Places for business and then you can set up your business and that sort of stuff here. If you… you can see this, I probably best on my architecture site… Edmonds Architects. So here it is, this is my architecture site and let’s see, let’s look at Maps. Okay so if you look at this, let’s see… I think that page is going to take me directly… is this going to take me to me… oh yeah. Okay that took me to my Google Local page.

And so, if you’ve got a Google Local page then you want to… then what you want to do is put some you know, get somebody to review you on there so that you know, Google sees it as an active business and then you know, add profile information and put some images in and stuff like that. Just make it an active local business and then that’s going to help you rank. That is one of the reasons why… I mean, if you look… this is the search result for my area, right? So I’m up there at the top and the reason I’m up at the top mostly is because there is… you know, I have positive reviews there.

Now, I don’t practice architecture anymore so it’s sort of useless to everybody else. But it’s interesting that somebody says…wondering if they have any contact information for me because they don’t seem to be able to find me on my site. That’s because I’ve switched professions and I don’t do architecture anymore.

But nevertheless, you want to Google local small business account and if you’ve got that, that’s going to help you rate better. You know, if you just search for Edmonds Architects… I used to be higher actually but you know, nevertheless, my site is still up in the top 4 in this. I haven’t had a blog post for 2… 2 ½ years so…

That’s interesting. So what I’m typing then into Google to begin the process is I’m just typing in local small business?

Yeah. Google local, Google local small business, Google Places and I guess it’s Google Places really but you just go through the process of… especially for the kind of thing you’re doing right there because that’s a local search result, right?


And since it’s a local search result, that’s going to be where you do… where… it’s going to raise your page visibility. So if we say Nanuet homes for sale… see what comes up here.

Do Nanuet condos for sale because that’s my market niche.

Okay so we’ve got a couple of… some people are advertising here. But then, what’s the name of your… is this the name of your site? or…

I have a few of them on… Nanuetrealestate is one of mine. Rocklingcondos is one of mine. There he is, Nanuethomesandcondos is him.

Yeah, well you’re ahead of him at least, there and… oh, this is one of yours here,


So you are actually ranking ahead of him and there doesn’t appear to be… let’s see, let’s look at Places for a second here.


You know, there weren’t any big… there wasn’t any reason for Google to present a Google Place as far as Google was concerned in its search results. So you’re probably better… you’re probably…

So were all these results here… are these people who have registered like you just showed us?

No, I think a lot of these are not. Some of them have been but I don’t know. Rand realty… well…

That’s something I work with.

Okay well so you’re already in there, if we go to the Place page, there’s not much really. But there is a Place page here but it’s not in any way linked to your page, right? So if you want… and somehow, have there be a connection, Google’s mind between your page and a place page like this then you need to create one for it.

Okay, alright. I will check that out. Thanks, that’s a great tip.

Yeah, well that will help you in your local search results. And the next thing to do though of course is to get somebody who’s happy with your work to post a review because that really helps.

Okay, that’s not hard. Okay, thank you.

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