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Using the Tiny MCE Advanced Plugin for WordPress

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A member asked about the additional buttons that he saw on my WordPress text editor. I discussed the use of the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin that adds additional functionality to the default WordPress text editor.

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Video Transcript

Okay so Rick wants to ask a different question. You said, “A different question not related to the website work. At the back of  my blog, the buttons I have on my content are totally different from what he’s seen.  Why is mine different?”

So what you’re referring to here then is… we look at posts or we go to a post.  Are you talking about these edit buttons here?

Actually I should just turn you back on, shouldn’t I?  You’re talking about this right here, right Rick?

I’m assuming that you’re talking about these buttons here.  These buttons come from a plugin that I’ve added to my site called Tiny MCE Editor and I have a video that talks about doing that under beginner level tutorials. I think it is under… yeah, it’s under Understanding and Using Plugins Part 5: Installing the FCKE Editor Plugin.  If you watch this video, you’ll see an example of how to install and use that.  I do like it because it does give me some kinds of control that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  But mostly… well, oh it’s mostly the styles thing here where I can pick some specific WordPress styles to apply that images really but there a few other things in here that I like to use as well.

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