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Ways to Learn HTML and CSS

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In this session a member asks about 4 programming languages: HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and where to learn more about them. We recommend starting with HTML and CSS because you can’t learn CSS independently of HTML. Then we suggest an excellent resource for learning these along with our own Customize Thesis Like a Pro series.

Video Transcript

Very good. You’ve mentioned CSS and it seems to me you know, I’m just starting that there’s kind of like 3 languages – HTML, CSS, and PHP?

4 languages, Javascript.

Okay. If you’re going to start on one of those, what would be the first one you would start on? Start learning?

Well, you can’t learn CSS independent of HTML. So the first thing to do would be to work on learning HTML and CSS together.


CSS doesn’t have any meaning without HTML although HTML… you know, you can learn everything you need to know about HTML in a very short period of time. CSS is the means by which you apply styling to HTML and in HTML is essentially the way you define different elements on a page. So the 2 of them go hand in hand and that’s definitely the place to start. HTML and CSS together you know, an excellent resource for learning how to do that that is outside of my site is Site Points CSS Live course. I think it’s $19 or something like that. It’s quite inexpensive.

What is the name of that again?

Site Point is the name of the website so and I believe the name of their course is CSS Live and I’ve found it to be very useful myself and I have people that work for me go through it you know, to make sure that they’re brushed up on their skills and it’s a very useful course. Now, it doesn’t know anything about WordPress so it’s not teaching you this in the context of WordPress or the context of Thesis. It’s teaching you HTML and CSS as if you are out there in the big, bad world.

On my site you know, I focus exclusively on CSS and HTML as they relate to WordPress and Thesis. And I have plenty of beginner stuff in there you know, I do have some beginner videos on HTML and the Customize Thesis Like a Pro series has what I think to be farily good introductions to CSS and CSS concepts and those are immediately tailored to the HTML and CSS that you’re dealing with in Thesis.


So it’s a focused you know, instruction on the specific way in which you’d be using it.

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