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What is a Skin in Thesis 2?

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In this session we talk about what a skin is in Thesis 2 and we suggest to watching Lesson 6 of the beginner’s class on How to Build a Responsive Professional Website Using WordPress and Thesis 2 where we also talk about Understanding Thesis 2 and Skins. We also talk about Social Triggers as an effective skin to use for building a blog-style site with an aim to develop a mailing list to engage with people as a way of making money while Agility Nude Skin is for beginners because it’s easier to change things and the functions are packaged in a way that’s easier for beginners to access.

Video Transcript

Member: I’m just kind of wondering like what is the skin and what’s good about using a skin? Should I use one or should I just kind of start with Thesis Classic and change it up the way I like using the Thesis Editor and stuff?

Rick: Well, Thesis Classic is a skin and Thesis Blank is a skin and BYOB Agility Nude is a skin and Carta Nude is a skin and there’ll be other versions of both Carta and Agility coming around the pike and also there’ll be different skins. Thesis requires a skin in order to display and so if you don’t install a different skin, the only way to display anything will be using Thesis Classic. Now, I do have a couple of presentations on what a skin actually is and that can be found in Lesson 6 of the Beginner’s class which is the class that we’re conducting on Fridays.

Let’s see, that is the How to Build a Professional Responsive Site Using WordPress and Thesis 2 and in Lesson 6, I talk about what skins are, Understanding Thesis 2 and Skins and what skins are and various sources of skins and that kind of stuff. So I’d encourage you to go watch the lesson and since you’re beginning, if you haven’t started off in this class yet, this is really the place for you to start, is here because I introduced all the basic both WordPress and Thesis 2 concepts as we kind of work our way through step by step. Seems like you asked me a question about social triggers.

Now, I have not seen social triggers so I don’t know anything about it. I mean, I know that Derek Halpern says it’s going to be terrific but what that means, I don’t really know. Now, if you are building a blog-style site where you’re trying to develop a mailing list of people who are interested in what you have to say and then you want to send them out affiliate offers or you want to sell products to them or somehow you want to engage with them in a way that makes you money, social triggers may very well be a good skin to use because of course, that’s his business model.

But if you’re a coffee shop owner and you’re setting up your website for your coffee shop, then it’s probably not the right skin to use so it kind of depends on what your model is for, how you’re doing business and what your website is for. It’s hard for you to make that decision about whether or not social triggers is the right skin for you until you actually see it but from my perspective, I’ve been teaching beginners for 3 years now and when I looked at Thesis Classic, I think that Thesis Classic is not as easy as it could be for beginners to use which is why I’ve created my skins because I’ve tried to sort of bridge the gap between all the stuff you need to learn in order to use Thesis Classic well.

What a beginner generally wants to do with their skin, I mean, there’s still going to be lots of stuff to learn but it can be easier for you to change things like colors and menu and stuff like that using my skins than it will be using Thesis Classic and that’s just because I’ve sort of packaged functions together in a way that’s easier for beginners to access. What you want to do with your site is going to have a lot of influence over what you choose. So, what are you going to do with your sites?

Member: My site is a travel site so photos, stories, it’s pretty much a traditional kind of blog and I don’t really have any products to sell right now.

Rick: Okay. You know, I guess the nice thing about Thesis is that it’s relatively easy to switch between skins, right? You can install one skin and play with it and work on it and then you see something you like better, you can just install it instead and you don’t lose the other skin that you had but you can easily use a different skin if you like it without having to lose anything. I mean, I guess what I would suggest that you do is follow through along with us in the course. If you already have a good idea of what you want your site to look like, then I would try to execute that using the Agility skin.

Member: Yes, it sounds like Agility is a pretty good place to start so maybe I’ll go with that.

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