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What is Google +1?

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This member asks what Google +1 is and if I recommend it. I discuss what it is and how it works and then talk about what Planet Ocean’s Search Engine News has to say on the subject.

Video Transcript

Okay your 2nd question was about Google +1 and you may have gotten the email from DIY Themes about their new blog post – how to add a Google +1 to your WordPress and Thesis site. Funny… that they don’t have it on their site but any case, now, the scope of this article is outside of the scope of a beginning question because it requires you to actually write a code in order to use it. But I can certainly talk about it in general.

And you know, Google +1 is supposed to be or you know, similar like to Like button.., a Facebook Like button. Only it’s Google’s own experiment and it’s relatively new. It’s hard to say whether or not it’s going to be a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, a good thing or a you know, just a thing you have to do. It’s probably not going to be bad. But I’m read you something from the newsletter that I subscribe to for search engine information.

This is called… it’s and last month, they wrote this brief little article about +1 in there. And it says you know, it’s this small button… here’s little Google’s video, shows you how to use it. Says, “Soon publishers will be adding it to their website and that’s when we’ll get to see how much Google is invested in getting this product off the ground. Will there be a huge advertising push like hot pot? How long until it finds its way into maps, smartphone apps, and Places and Pages? Will a +1 count as much as a positive review and does currently with regards to boosting your rankings? It’s hard to say what this means for search. There’s a lot of speculation going around. As of now, +1 won’t have any indirect effects on page rank. However, once Google has enough data to crunch, you know very well it will be integrated into their algorithms somehow. With that in mind, don’t be the last one to jump on the +1 train.”

So if I have time next week, on Wednesday, I’ll show you how to… I’ll just do a little video on essentially following through this little… a set of directions on how to add +1. I’m going to add it to my site so it may be worth your while to do so as well. Although you know, besides this information here, I don’t have any extra or special information. This is pretty much the source that I rely on for understanding what’s going on with search engine stuff on a month to month basis. So…

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