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What is the Best SEO Plugin to Use?

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In this session we discuss what the best SEO plugin is to use when you’re not using Thesis which is the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin.

Video Transcript

Rick: Does that make sense?

Member: Yeah actually, it does.

Rick: Okay, perfect.

Member: So thank you.

Rick: You’re welcome.

Member: Can I ask another question?

Rick: You sure can.

Member: I’m trying to help someone else with their site and they’re going to need to have like that… that SEO… I know there is a lead for it. Like on… it’s an SEO plugin for them to try to do good Search Engine Optimization.

Rick: And they’re doing this because they don’t have Thesis?

Member: Correct, that is exactly right.

Rick: So okay, the best plugin for that is Yost’s plugin, not All in One SEO. All in One SEO is not nearly as efficient or as capable a plugin as is Yost.

Member: Is it called Yost plugin for SEO?

Rick: Well, it’s not but you can…

Member: I’ll look it up.

Rick: No, we’ll just do it right. We’ll just look for Yost here. WordPress SEO by Yost. If you’re not using Thesis, this is the best plugin to use. It’s very efficient. It’s secure. It gives you the full range of things optimized and it gives you good information. It will not work with Thesis though so you cannot have them both together. It crashes because again, it tries to do the same thing Thesis does. So you don’t want to use it with Thesis but it’s way better than All in One SEO which is a much heavier, much slower, much more resource intensive plugin that doesn’t work as well.

Member: Going to Thesis, do I need to use a… like All in One SEO with Thesis?

Rick: No, you shouldn’t use any SEO plugin with Thesis.

Member: Okay, that’s what I thought. That’s cool. I’m paying attention to you then.

Rick: And yeah, this is the… right. You shouldn’t use any other plugin and this is… and if you’re not using Thesis then this is the plugin to use. Unless you’re using another theme that has that SEO stuff built in to it.

Member: So it’s the theme here stuff built in, that’s not… even use a plugin, is that kind of…

Rick: Well, it’s best to find out whether or not the theme works with the plugin. So if the theme gives you an opportunity to specify your title and your meta description… if you knew that… if it gives you that choice then you should determine whether or not it’s compatible with other plugins. Compare them and decide which one you want to use if it is. Because for example, you could, if you were using Genesis, you could choose not to use the stuff that’s built in to Genesis for this and just use Yost instead. I don’t have any reason why that’s a good idea. I just know that it’s possible with Genesis even though Genesis has the ability to do it as well. There is more than one school of thought on this and one of the schools of thought is that if the SEO stuff is dependent upon the theme then if you decide to change themes, you lose all your SEO stuff. That’s one school of thought. Well of course, Thesis believes that if you’re going to use Thesis, you’re never going to want to change and so why not make it a little faster and more efficient by using Thesis itself. So it’s just something that you have to investigate if you’re using a different one.

Member: It’s sinking in.

Rick: Okay, anything else?

Member: No sir, thank you.

Rick: Okay, you’re welcome. Have a good day.

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