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What is the Difference Between a Text Box and a Text Widget?

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In this session we discuss the difference between a text box and a text widget. If you’re inside of a sidebar, you can add and remove and rearrange widgets that you see fit in a sidebar and decide which page and which widget it show up on. If we have something that we may want to control and move around then we’d use a text widget in a sidebar. A text box is always going to show up in a template that its in so if we want something that we always want to show up, we use a text box.

Video Transcript

Member: Okay, can you just explain you know the difference may be a text box and a widget? You know, when should one use one or the other?

Rick: Well they’re…

Member: Cause I get a bit sort of should I use one or the other?

Rick: Well they’re entirely interchangeable.

Member: Cause they’re can both practically…

Rick: Yeah, they do the same thing.

Member: Yeah, so you see an advantage of using one over the other at any time?

Rick: No, except that if you’re inside of a sidebar you can you know add and remove and rearrange widgets as you see fit in a sidebar…

Member: yeah…

Rick: And you can do what you’ve already done which is use a plugin to decide which page, which widget show up on. A text box is always going to show up in the template that it’s at.

Member: yeah…

Rick: So, if you’ve got something you always want to show up? I’d use a text box and if you’ve got something that you may want to control or you may want to move around then I’d use a text widget in a sidebar.

Member: Ah okay, got it; yeah. A widget in a sidebar.

Rick: Right, but there’s no hard and fast rule; right.

Member: yeah.

Rick: The thing is though if you put another text box in here it would go above these widgets even if you want…

Member: Yeah.

Rick: …say you had two widgets in here and you want it in the middle the only way you could do that is using a text widget.

Member: Yeah I got it that makes sense simple to understand, uhuh.

Rick: Okay?

Member: Okay, that’s great.

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