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What is the Difference between an Addon Domain and a Subdomain?

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A Subdomain is something that is part of or directly related to your main domain and an Addon Domain is just a regular domain that is added on to your hosting account after the original domain you used to set up your account.  We go through the structure of both domain types on bluehost and show you the difference in the web address for accessing those sites.

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Video Transcript

If you could just answer one more question, what is the difference between an addon domain and a subdomain?

Sure. Okay so, we’re just gonna look at my site here.  I think what we need to do is we need to go to my other Bluehost account so we’ll log out of this one and we’ll go to my main Bluehost account Okay, now The reason I’m doing this is because I have a lot of addon domains here and I have a lot of subdomains here. So, you can see addon domains by going to your domain manager and these are all my addon domains. That is, these are all the domains I pay for to keep every year. Some of these I’ve set aside 2 years in the future.

You can see that if it says Addon Domain, what that means is that it is actually referencing a folder on this server that is unassigned. That’s a parked domain, what it means is it’s just sitting there, doing nothing and I’m gonna use it in the future. But the addon domain is assigned directly to a folder so for example, and actually is a site that I’m developing for Moodle and so oh no. I thought I had it set up from Moodle but I obviously didn’t. It must be a different one.

Anyway, the addon domain points, generally speaking, to a folder and so if we come back you can see WPelearning on my directory here. So if we come back over to C panel and we open up the file manager, you can see that there is a folder called WPelearning and so the presence of that folder makes it an addon domain.

Now if you look at my subdomains, if you’re looking at this right now, you can’t tell the difference between an addon domain and a subdomain because this cottage cheese to my knees is my sister’s blog and that is an addon domain on my hosting account. But contact form 7 is actually a subdomain on my hosting account, so is changing the top and categories.

And if we were to go back to the C panel and look at subdomains you can see I have banner 1 banner 2 categories. And I could reach those… the addon domain, for example, if I wanna go to cottage cheese to my knees,, okay so that took me directly to my sister’s website or directly to my sister’s blog. However if I was to instead go to categories which is one of my subdomains, that doesn’t take me, belongs to somebody else. And so what I have to do is I have to append the byobwebsite to the name and there’s my categories site where I do demonstration on how to use categories. As it turns out, I could also…it looks like, that’s typically subdomain configuration. But in fact, I could also do it this way. Put categories there and oh isn’t that interesting. I guess I can’t. I was wrong. I thought I could but obviously, it’s set up here so that categories has to go front.

So a subdomain is something that is part of the main domain. So it could be or categories in this case. And an addon domain is a regular domain that is just added on to your hosting account. The main reason it’s an addon domain is because it wasn’t the original domain name that you use to set up your hosting account. Did that make sense?

It does and I think I understand it.

A sub-domain should be you know, directly related to your main domain. Otherwise, I just do it as a domain.

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