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What Resources does it Take to Run BYOBWebsite?

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In this session we discuss the different resources that it takes to run BYOBWebsite and the people involve in running the business. We talk about our staff and what they need to understand so that they can do their jobs and work independently. We also discuss the importance of trusting staff with important aspects of the business.

Video Transcript

Member: Regarding a membership site like yours, I’m just trying to build one of my own.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: And I’m trying to estimate the… what will it take to run corporate? So what services should I be taking into account, how many people? I was wondering just seeing a site like yours trying to compare then maybe if you could share how you’re running that and what team do you have and we also exchange across, I think it was a pm about you having a private IT guy. And I was wondering how did you find someone that you trust your business with? I’m not sure I really know the right way to do that.

Rick: Well, okay when you begin this kind of thing you do everything. And as you get busier and busier you start to try and find ways to offload some part of what you’re doing. So, right now to fully realize  BYOBWebsite it requires me, my wife, three employees in the Philippines, a part-time contract transcriptionist in the Netherlands, a part-time programmer in New York and then my contract CIS Admin in oh where is he; some place in Africa.

So there is a substantial, there’s a lot of labour that goes into making BYOBWebsite work properly. And we didn’t start instantly with all that labour, right. We gradually built that and at first when you add labour it means you have to work more. So when you are as busier than you possibly can be that’s not the right time to hire somebody.

The right time to hire somebody is when you have a little bit of time to train them because as soon as you hire them they become you know it takes you more time to get them to do the work than it does to do it yourself. But you know eventually you get to this point where people understand what you want and your staff learn their job and they start doing it independently.

And we are at the point right now where I almost never interact with posting stuff with the site right. What I do is decide what I’m going to teach, record the video, do a rough cut-split-up of the video and then I passed it off.

And my video editor guy in the Philippines he finishes all of the editing, the production of it and produces it in various ways and then passes it off on to the gal who is in-charge of all of our posting and quality control. And she makes sure that everything gets posted and assign to a transcriptionist; and the transcriptionists do their thing and before that stuff gets posted it goes to my wife who sits and edits the transcripts. Both for Search Engine Optimization and also for clarity and then she posts the transcripts and then our supervisor gal double checks everything theoretically.

And so there’s a lot of labour involved in creating a membership site like we create. You know if we produce, I mean we have the capacity to you know produce probably 4 hours of instructional video hours a week with that number of people. And that’s it. you know if we have 5 hours we get behind and then if there’s a massive super typhoon in the Philippines we really get behind. But you know there’s not really a magic answer to the question of how you learn to trust somebody with an important aspect of your business. I found Anthony who is my CIS Admin and I recommended a number of people to him because sites as complicated as mine need some specialized assistance. I met him when I was trying to do my own VPS and I’ve signed up with one of these VPS companies that you know advertise that you could set the site up real fast. And I think that was or something like that; it was just an incredible waste of time and money and but on their forums I ran into him and then hired him to help configure the stuff for me until the point at which now I just have him manage all of the system administration that needs to be done on the site. It’s hard for me to say you know all the services that we use because I subscribe to so much stuff. But you know it’s… this is not a passive income kind of operation right.

Member: Of course.

Rick: This is a very full time active way to make a living and I know there are a lot of people out there who have something you know some mechanisms or methods for setting up membership sites and being able to set them up and let them go and not do anything but, ours doesn’t work that way. Ours requires two or three hours a day of forum posts answering, couple of hours a day of email answering and then programming, and then course creation and you know it’s just…running BYOBWebsite is a full time job for five of us and then another part-time job for another three. So, did that help answer your question?

Member: Yes, very much indeed thank you.

Rick: You’re welcome.

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