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What to Do When it Appears as if Thesis has Gone into an Endless Loop

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In this session we discuss what to do when it appears as if Thesis has gone into an endless loop. The infinite loop usually exists when we are working on a local server rather than on a live server so it is important to restart and see if it resolves.

Video Transcript

Member:  Yeah, I was going to say it’s really strange because… maybe it’s because I have a Mac but when I went yesterday and I was uploading the data to the skin manager, my computer was getting this like loop that would just go on and on and on. I walked away from the computer and 30 minutes later, it was still doing it. So finally, I just turned it off. I just closed the browser and then I went to the website. It looked like it was fine. But I noticed when you did it, it didn’t do that. So I don’t know if it’s a Mac thing or…

Rick:  Are you working on a live site or is it in a local server?

Member:  Yeah, I was doing it live.

Rick:  Well then you just kind of butt your head up against a glitch in the browser then. Because I guess I would suggest that you turn the browser off or restart your computer and try it again. And I’ll bet you doesn’t happen. That infinite loop thing, I have heard of people having it but it usually exists when you’re not… when you’re working on a local website rather than on a… that is you know, working on a local server like Mamp or something like that rather than working on a live server. But if you do get one of those things, you usually can. I mean, if it hasn’t done its thing in 15 seconds, you can probably just close the browser window, open it back up again. You’ll find it was done.

Member:  Yeah, it was.

Rick:  Yeah.

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