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What’s Wrong with Using In-line Styles?

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In this session, we discuss why it is bad practice to use inline styles. If you frequently use inline styles, you may find yourself at a place where you want them all changed to another style. This can be difficult because you need to go through all the elements where ever you have placed them in your content. We also suggest option for you not to worry about the inline style code.

Video Transcript

Rick: Well, it can be bad practice to do this because you know, if you… I worked on a client site where they have one style of site and they had hundreds of pages with all these in-line colors added to their text. When they want to change their colors of their site and we did a whole re-design and we changed everything in custom.css and all the rest of that stuff but of course it didn’t change any of the in-line styles. And so what they had to do was going through and delete all of their in-lines styles that had colors that now clashed. So if you’re consistently coloring something the same, you probably better off assigning it a class and giving a custom style then you are using an in-line style editor. It also results in a lot less code.

Member: Right.

Rick: But this way you can change it. All you have to do is change it the style once and it changes all throughout your site. But before you can do that you need to become comfortable with your custom.css file and how to edit and create…

Member: Yeah I’m not there yet, I’m not going to mess with that. Ok.

Rick: I just offered you the caution that I offered earlier using in-line styles to edit your text is probably not a good practice to do in a large way. The only thing I use in-line style is for sometimes for bold, sometimes for italic and sometimes if I wanted to make something red so it stands out. Otherwise I don’t use in-line styles myself.

Member: Font size and all that sort of thing you use the css?

Rick: Absolutely. And also when you’re thinking about font size, I mean the first and best place to specify the font size is in Thesis Design Options. Right? Thesis Design Options does give you the chance to specify your font size and then you can specify headline sizes and sub heading sizes and then you’ve got all that other things post meta code, sidebars, footer and so you have a lot of standard css control over your fonts using Thesis Design Options first. And that’s where I would start. I would start getting your typical fonts the way you want them in Thesis Design Options. And when you have those the way you want them, then you can look at some things that you may want to be different.

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