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When is it Appropriate to Use display:none

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In this session we discuss when it is appropriate to use display:none in order to hide elements you don’t want to show on a page. We avoid using display:none when customizing Thesis because it can adversely affect SEO. However, sometimes it is the only reasonable alternative.

Video Transcript

Member: One of the things that you said when it comes to customizing stuff with Thesis that was to avoid using display none.

Rick: Absolutely.

Member: Which I understand the reasons behind that. One of the things that is on the listings post is this comment off message and I can work out how to take these off using display none. But I’m wondering is how do I do it without doing that?

Rick: Actually you know, you can use display none for something like that. The context of me saying don’t use display none has been.. I have observed people giving advice and says, “Well, if you don’t want your sidebars to show on a specific page, just say display none.” So you have all this content that’s being generated and then you are making all that content invisible which suggests you know, bad behavior on your part even if it isn’t intended to be.

But for something as mundane as you know, comments are closed or something like that… if there’s no setting for you to remove it then really, the slam dunk simple solution to that is simply just to say display none for that.

Member: Okay, brilliant.

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