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Where to Store and How to Upload Site Images

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A member asked “What is the best way to store and upload images for a WordPress/Thesis website”.  We discuss the various ways images are uploaded and stored.

  • Thesis custom/images/ folder
  • The Media Library
  • Other methods and locations

Video Transcript

So I’m going to start off with a question that Brian has asked. He has asked where should site images be stored and how should they be uploaded. Okay and so you know, there are a variety of ways to manage images in WordPress and you know, there are the… and there are then distinctions between the way in which images are being used. And so for example, this image right here is my header image and then I’ve got an image for a button.

Those images are stored in Thesis Custom Images and the system that I advocate is that images associated with the skin or the theme or the appearance of the site, those images is stored in your Thesis Custom Images folder. And so for example, actually, I’ll just go and bring up Filezilla and demonstrate that or show that.

If we let’s see, if we go to byobwebsite and we go to wpcontent and themes and now thesis_18 and then custom then images, you can see all these images here that I use. All of these images are images that are associated with how the site looks – header1, header2, header3 – those are all different header images. And then we’ve got you know, icons and sign up buttons and social icons and you know, other different images that I use for displaying video or that I use for shaping the appearance of the site. So all of those images I keep in wpcontent, themes, thesis, custom, and images.

Now for the images that you would use in a post, for example, this image here, this post image, all of those images I insert using a media library. And when you have something like mine where I have 264 images in the media library, it can be awkward to attempt to you know, to manage your way through this many different images. But as it turns out, you know, I don’t get at… I’d get an image very often and it does have the search function.

So sometimes I need my signature, right. So if I search for signature, I can search the media and the little jpeg that said mysignature shows up. So it’s definitely possible to search for something as long as you, you know, have some idea of what’s it’s called. But I would definitely use this for inserting your images into your posts. And if you have simple images that you’re using for thumbnails and that sort of thing, I would use this here.

Video plugins that store images and so, for example, our forum. Well, our forum stores images and so, for example, if we… let’s see… if what we do is we’ll just pretend I’m going to post a reply and insert an image, if I browse to find an image, you can see that there’s a whole bunch of images stored here inside the forum. And I think actually, these are all images of mine.

I don’t think there are images here that somebody else submitted. So this plugin must store them… yeah. This plugin must store them as based on the person who posts them. That would be my guess. Let’s see, there’s a… yes, it is. Right. So it’s created a folder called Admin which, since I’m the administrator, it hosts all of my images and there are 27 of them. I would guess that other people who post images have their own folders. But in any case, it stores or it manages its own set of images.

And then you also have this…let’s see… we’re going to cancel that. And then you also have the Thesis header image. If you use the Thesis header image, it also stores its image in its own location. I actually don’t know where it stores that but I think it probably stores that under uploads but… so, you’ll have this sort of tricky thing whereby each of you know, there are images that are going to be stored in different places dependent upon how you use them.

I’m going to un-mute you here, Brian. So did that answer your question or did you need clarification on that?

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  • Pam Cadd February 15, 2011, 6:46 pm

    Rick, I’ve also been wondering how all these image storage spots fit together – thanks for clarifying it!

    • Rick Anderson February 16, 2011, 6:49 am

      You’re welcome Pam. I think this whole Live Q&A thing is working out pretty well.

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