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Why BYOBWebsite Will Soon be Adding Instruction for Genesis theme framework

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In this session, a member asks why BYOBWebsite will be switching Thesis Instruction to the Genesis Theme Framework. We explain that we won’t be switching but will instead be adding Genesis Theme Framework tutorials along side our current instruction. Genesis is a great theme and adding tutorials for it will allow us to expand our business.

Video Transcript

Another question? How come you’re switching from Thesis to Genesis?

I’m not switching, I’m adding.


Yeah, I’m adding Genesis to Thesis. I’m not switching. I’m going to keep on doing Thesis. I’m just going to add Genesis as well. And the reason is because I need a broader base of members and Genesis is a very popular framework. Must of the instruction on my site would apply to Genesis as well as Thesis. It would be easy for me to take my plugins and port them over to Genesis. So it just seems like it’s a good business decision.

Okay then the question is us as users, how do we figure out which to use?

Well, if you’re using Thesis, you’re probably not going to switch to Genesis. I don’t… I can’t think of any reason why you would switch.

Okay, instead of switch, let’s say, why would one choose Genesis? Why would one choose Thesis?

You know, I’m not in the position to answer that question currently because I don’t know enough about Genesis yet to have a feeling about what the differences are in you know, the pluses and the minuses between the two frameworks.

When you do, let us know.

Oh yeah. I definitely intend to do that. I intend to do that. You know, for somebody like me, right now, I make all of my living based on the one theme, Thesis. And part of the issue here is you know, what happens if Thesis stops being developed? What happens to my business then? It makes sense for me to expand my business so that if you know, somebody dies in a car crash or if somebody you know, goes off to Nepal to study Buddhism or you know, whatever. Whatever the rationale may be for moving, for no longer continuing to develop Thesis, my business needs to survive that kind of thing. And so that’s why I will be adding Genesis.

It’s the same reason why I added Shopp. I added Shopp to my ecommerce series, to the repertoire or to the stuff that’s taught on our site because I wanted to provide people with options and that’s what we’re doing with Genesis. We’re just going to… we’ll just be increasing the options that people have to choose from.

At the moment, I can’t tell you why you would use Thesis versus Genesis because I don’t know.

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