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Why Do I Teach How to use Filezilla Rather than Using the WordPress Upload System for Installing Plugins and Themes?

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In this session, we discuss why it is essential to learn how to use an FTP when you are developing a website and installing plugins and themes. Although a WordPress site can be created without using FTP you will eventually need to use an FTP and it’s best to learn it at the beginning.

Our recommended FTP client is FileZilla which we briefly show how to use here but we have a full set of tutorial series on how to use FTP that you can find on our site:

Video Transcript

Well so Paul asks about using ftp and I guess the answer to this is Paul, ftp is a skillset that if you don’t need it at the very beginning of your WordPress career, you’re going to need it at some point. And it is my feeling that beginners should learn ftp, essentially immediately. WordPress can be done without using ftp as long as everything works out right.

But if everything does not work out right, you routinely have to resort to using ftp. And so you know, Start Building Your Website Here Lesson 4 starts off by teaching a system that I believe is appropriate for people starting out. And what it does is it teaches a system of how to set up a local file structure that is a file structure on your local computer that can mirror the file structure on your live server and then gives you the ability to synchronize the views. And so if you want to look inside of zBench, you double click on it. You can see it in both sides.

If we do this by file name, these are exactly the same you know, contents on either side. And if you scroll up one and you go over to thesis_182 instead, now you can see everything over there. And if you open up custom then custom is open in both places. And so the way that works then is this allows you to create your customization files in one place and upload them into your live server. And make sure you’re always putting it in the right spot. So that’s the purpose for having these synchronized views.

And this is a skillset that is not absolutely essential for you at the beginning of your WordPress experience but you may as well… I think it’s best to learn at the beginning. I find you know, ftp is very, very simple really. But I find that people are intimidated by it. And I think the sooner that you can master ftp, the better off you’re going to be when you know, stuff doesn’t work out the way you want it to work out. And that happens often enough that ftp is one of those essential tools.

So then Paula asks, “You downloaded Thesis last evening. Was that going to be the latest version or do you need to upgrade?” The latest version is Thesis 1.82. I presume that’s the only version available for download. So I would… my guess is that you have… that’s the version that you have. There is going to be a Thesis 2.0 out some time but I’m guessing you won’t have access to it for at least another 6 weeks or so. So 1.82 is the latest version and… I mean, I think you… if you’re following… I mean, you can either follow Lesson 5: Installing and Using WordPress Themes which shows you how to create… shows you how to install Thesis or you can follow their little video on how to install Thesis. But if you start off with Lesson 4 and then Lesson 5 then you’ll have a… I think a pretty good foundation on which to work.

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