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Why does a Table Display Differently in Chrome and Firefox

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A member wonders why a table that she inserted into her blog post displays with table cells outlined in Firefox but with no outlines in Chrome. We discuss the styling of html tables and how to create tables that can be stylized. I also suggest a plugin (WP Table Reloaded) for simple insertion of tables into posts or pages.

Video Transcript

And Jackie asks is there somewhere that I show how to create tables? And no, I don’t have a… I’m sorry. I don’t have a tutorial on how to create tables but that’s a good idea. I… you know, for very easy styling of tables, for very easy insertion and styling of tables… I have suggested, let’s see. I have this presentation I’m trying to make here sometime. Maybe tonight… but, anyway.. how to use the position properties so I had that ready for today but we’re not going to get to that. But if we go back over to Live Answers, I think I’ve got a table thing under Live Answers. Brian reminds me that there was this table plugin and that is my recollection of it as well. You select the tables so I did a little thing here on WordPress tables or on this plugin for WordPress tables so you know, this is probably the easiest way to put a table in is using that plugin WP table reloaded. However, I do want to…that’s not how I do it. I do actually code my tables from scratch and knowing how to do a table is probably a good thing. It’s a good skill to develop so I’m certainly… it’s a good suggestion. I will think about that one as I work my way through this. Let’s see, who else do we have questions for?

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