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Why Don’t we Use NetBeans Projects?

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Why don’t we teach how to use NetBeans projects? While the project system is very powerful it is also very complex to set up. It requires you to configure a local web server (using Apache, MySQL and PHP). Services like Bitnami have made the process quite a bit easier nevertheless, the process of setting the server up is relatively complicated and then still have other complicated steps to get it connected to one of your sites.

Video Transcript

Well actually, maybe I’ll just dive into that right now while we’re waiting for this to go on. You know, NetBeans has such a thing as projects and it’s got a project browser and a project window. And actually, the project system in NetBeans is very, very powerful. However, the instruction that I present here does not use the project system and the reason it doesn’t use the project system is it is powerful but it’s also complicated to set up. NetBeans project requires one to configure essentially a local web server. It needs to be a lamp stacked web server so it has to have Apache, MySQL and php. And while such services as Bitnami have made that process quite a bit easier, nevertheless, the process of setting up a wamp server or an amp server is still relatively complicated. And so, you first have to get through that set of hurdles and then the 2nd set of hurdles is to connect it up to NetBeans and the final one is to make it useful, you want to have it configured so that it has some relationship to one of your sites. And that’s just a very complicated process so…

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