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Will WP eStore Work with PHP 4?

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A member was having difficulty with the set up of his Ecommerce site. Some parts of WP eStore weren’t behaving the way he expected. His host is using PHP4 and is wondering if he should switch to PHP5 and if that will solve his problems.

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Video Transcript

Okay and so next I have a question by Adam Campbell and Adam says that… “So I was told that the reason my short codes weren’t displaying properly is because my Linux hosting account runs PHP 4 not 5. Does that sound about right?” And you know, what he’s talking about is WP eStore and WP eStore definitely says on their description page that their plugin requires PHP 5.

So yes Adam, it does sound right. PHP 4 is obsolete technology and you know, in fact, I don’t think PHP 4 has been supported since 2002 or 2003. And if you are committed to continuing to use only PHP 4 then you know, your options are going to be continually getting smaller. WordPress still runs on PHP 4 but there are elements of WordPress that don’t work on PHP 4. And there are plenty of plugins that still work with PHP 4 but as WordPress advances and abandons its support for PHP 4, so are those plugins.

And so you know, right now, the plugins that I rely on heavily such as the forum plugin and Wishlist Member and my video displaying plugin, those plugins all require PHP 5. And so I would say that it’s absolutely the case. You’re going to need either to switch to a host that have PHP 5 or live with the declining range of choices in plugins and improvements. So that is… so anyway, good luck with that. Yes, you definitely need PHP 5.

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