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In this session we discuss how the skins from are among the worst programmed skins on the market.  They have been designed and coded by a fundamentally incompetent programmer. This may sound harsh but this guy’s skins are full of insecure code, improperly added scripts and basic php errors.  His most recent skin – Business 4 threw 38 php errors, warnings and notices upon installation.

There is none of the typical security that WordPress requires.  Users of his skins are open to hacking from malicious scripts.  I;ve heard numerous reports of support problems from my members.  I strongly encourage you – Let the buyer beware!

We also give a few suggestions for Thesis skins to use from Themedy Themes, Puneet Sahalot and Rich Barrett of

Video Transcript

Member: This is a question that you know, first of all I have to say that I have only received this information from someone and I’ll give you the setup. I bought a theme from wpthesis that I wanted to use, realized that the menu that was installed with the skin you know, really wasn’t something that I could use. I need something that have a lot more you know, features and I installed something called UberMenu I’m not sure if you’ve heard about that?

Rick: Yeap, yeap.

Member: Okay. So after installing UberMenu I found out that there were some problems first with the Thesis boxes and those seem to have been because there was sort of a javascript error that was….

Rick: Yeah, that guy is the worst programmer in the Thesis ecosystem.

Member: You’re kidding me.

Rick: No.

Member: Oh my God okay.

Rick: He’s a fundamentally incompetent programmer, he does not know how to properly enqueue scripts and styles in WordPress, there just isn’t any way to work functionally with his stuff.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And you’re not going to get any real support from him either.

Member: Uhuh okay. So then my…

Rick: So the UberMenu works fine with Thesis. It works just fine because…

Member: I’m sorry what?

Rick: UberMenu works fine with Thesis and it’s a great menu plugin and there are several members here who use UberMenu.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So it’s not…

Member: Okay so it sounds like a.. eventhough the script issue with the Thesis box was basically fixed that eventhough that has happened the other things fundamentally with the Thesis skin it sounds like you know, not something that we would be able to use because you’re basically sure it’s going to break.

Rick: Absolutely.

Member: Isn’t that about right?

Rick: It is. I have spoken to lots of people who have bought his stuff, I’ve never spoken to a one of them who have not have problems and not been able to get the solution to those problems.

Member: Okay, okay.

Rick: I’ve looked at his stuff, I bought his stuff myself just to see what was wrong and you know, run don’t walk away from anything he’s associated with.

Member: Okay. Thank you very much for telling me that because I’ve spent some time trying you know, waiting for the boxes to be fixed and supposedly they are and then he had this problem with merging libraries. So I guess my question then is who you know, is someone that you would recommend with regards to a Thesis skin. I basically have to kind of start from scratch which is quite disappointing after spending quite a bit of time trying to get things you know, fixed so any really good recommendations? I need something that looks very modern.

Rick: Yeah, I do have recommendations and I wish I knew where at hand that was. The Themed Themes, these are the best guys in the business. Themed Themes is an excellent source, Puneet Sahalot.

Member: Okay. I have actually gotten some skins from Puneet before.

Rick: Okay so Puneet, let’s see who else. There are a couple of others I’m sorry I’m drawn a blank now.

Member: Okay.

Rick: I do have a list some place here of good Thesis skin developers.

Member: Uhuh.

Rick: And there are a number of new skins on the horizon that I’ve heard about.

Member: Uhuh.

Rick: I haven’t seen them yet but oh let’s see maybe I should just search for Themedy because that’ll be in my list.

Member: You know Rick can I make a suggestion.

Rick: Yeah.

Member: I don’t know you know, where this might be applicable on your website but if your experience has been that no one has had a good experience with regards to you know, WPThesis and how terrible the development is. Because you have such ranking for your website and it is all about you know, not necessarily all about Thesis but very much you know, one of the best places to find information. If you wrote something kind of negative about you know, what you had seen and heard it might actually help people.

Rick: You’re right.

Member: Because when I was looking you know, it might actually ranked higher than you know, than his website if people really take your thoughts into consideration because you are obviously you know, have a lot of standy you know in the community.

Rick: Yeah. Well, you’re right I should do something like that and you’re right I will.

Member: Well, it’s not that you should but it would be very much appreciated.

Rick: No. I think you know, the problem is that there has been a vacuum in the skin development business that a couple of very poor developers have attempted to fill and that just makes it all worse so…

Member: Yeah.

Rick: It’s definitely my mission right now is to encourage people to develop skins commercially to fill that need so that we don’t have such a high percentage of very poorly created skins.

Member: Yeah, yeah so I will yeah. Well then mission 1 take them down.

Rick: Okay, okay.

Member: Okay so you got Themedy up there I see and it doesn’t look like there’s anybody else.

Rick: Well, no there are it’s just I’m going to have to search for it a little bit. I thought I put out a handout once upon a time but I may not have but Themedy, Puneet. When Rich Barratt comes out with his skin that’s going to be a spectacular starter place I know that.

Member: I’m sorry you said his name is Rich?

Rick: Rich Barratt.

Member: Barrett? Okay, b-a-r-r-e-t-t?

Rick: B-a-r-r-a-t-t and you can get on his mailing list right now at

Member: Okay.

Rick: And he’s got a great skin that it just let personal things get in the way but he gotten married and he had to move and all the rest of these things not realizing his obligation to get his stuff out and then I think the site is thesisthemetools as I recall.

Member: Okay.

Rick: He is getting ready to release a skin and in fact, sometime I think in the next month I’m going to have him on a seminar demonstrating his skin.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And so that’s one of the things I am going to do is start encouraging Thesis skin developers to come on and present their stuff so that people have a chance to see it first and ask question and that kind of stuff.

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