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Your Nonce Check is Incorrect. Check the Nonce Name and Action and Try Again

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The “Nonce check is incorrect” error message is frequently associated with the max_input_vars error.  In this answer I demonstrate how to identify and resolve the error.

Video Transcript

Member: I have some problem with the slides. It uses Agility Nude.

Rick: Uhuh.

Member: Yesterday I wanted to add 3 more query boxes to the front page. Query boxes basically are some text and maybe you can go to this website right now. So when I was creating free… create boxes you know, Skin Editor when I was… when you’re over the Skin Editor I think these query boxes something won’t happen and I cannot do anything with this template in the Skin Editor. Whenever I try to save it, this message shows up, I just sent it to you, “Your nonce check is incorrect. Check your nonce name and action and try again.”

Rick: Now, what else does it say?

Member: Nothing, just two sentences.

Rick: So it doesn’t also say, “Input variables exceed 1000 so increase the limit, change the max input vars”?

Member: No, it doesn’t say this. I don’t know but no, no it doesn’t. I tried to save one more time and then again, these sentences just show up.

Rick: Have you tried logging out and logging back in? Usually…

Member: Yeah, I logged.. yeah

Rick: Usually the nonce check comes from one of two sources. Either one your session is no longer valid and so WordPress doesn’t want to save it and the other one is this max input vars. You might try doing what we did in the class the other day to solve that.

Member: Yeah, I remember.

Rick: I did put the video in that forum post.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: I’ll stick that forum post in the chat window for you. Those are the only two times I’ve ever seen that nonce check issue arise and maybe… do you have WP_DEBUG activated for that site?

Member: I think I don’t. I should, I think I should yeah. Maybe that’s why it didn’t show this error message, yeah.

Rick: Well, you know, that might be why. Why don’t you try activating WP_DEBUG and see what error messages come out of that.

Member: Yeah.

Rick: But I’m going to guess that it’s this max input vars issue.

Member: Alright. All right I’ll change it from 1000 to 10000, I guess yeah?

Rick: Yeah and if that doesn’t work try what Mike suggested which was 9,999.

Member: Yeah, yeah.

Rick: So…

Member: Yeah I tried to put this… Do you think it’s something because of query boxes?

Rick: Well, it has to do with the amount of data that Thesis is storing in the Thesis variable and on the admin side the Thesis variable is bringing up absolutely every single option there is that has ever been saved by any skin and any box in Thesis.

Member: I see.

Rick: And so you know, you run into this well, we run into it in class because what do I have like you know, 8 or 9 skins each of them being partially developed and then repeated and so there’s a whole bunch of different… there’s just a ton of data that’s being stored and you know, what I really need to do is create a box that lets you peruse the Thesis data and delete the stuff that you don’t want so that we don’t have that problem.

Member: Okay.

Rick: And maybe I’ll try to do that this week. I mean I know I’ve been saying it forever but what would be really useful I think is to be able to see all of the data that Thesis is storing and then say well, I don’t care about that data anymore and delete it, right?

Member: Yeah.

Rick: Because otherwise, the global Thesis variable is huge in fact, I can just show you just for grins how big it is. Let’s see where are we, PTSD and let’s see let’s bring up Lesson 7. Thesis, not that, skins. So let’s see where is that, construct function I must have looked past.. here it is. So yeah, it’s not dollar sign ($). Okay and then…

Member: Yeah. Actually, while you are looking for… I put the bark to the true and actually, yeah you were right, “Var string into the rival exceeded 1000. To increase the data change the vars in PHP, IME”

Rick: Okay, so here’s the Thesis variable. Let’s see let’s just view the page source. Okay, so this is the Thesis variable. Notice how many lines of code there is and some of this is just massive, right? Massive amounts of serialized data and actually, I haven’t gotten to the end of it. Majority of this page is now going to be including you see it’s got all the CSS that is being saved this data and everything else and every time you put a new skin in, you put new stuff in I mean really, what am I down to, I’m down to line 16,899. Now I’m in 20,000, I got to the end of it at 20,629 so that is the Thesis variable and that’s why the problem exists. It’s just really large especially when you have used multiple skins or you’ve played around with different boxes and then you know, you removed them but it just doesn’t delete anything ever.

Member: Okay.

Rick: So that is anyway, well I’m glad you figured it out.

Member: Yeah, yeah. It actually shows this input arrival exceeded 1000, I guess we’re on the right track now.

Rick: Okay, you are on the right track.

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