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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 39, Add a Search Box to the Sidebar

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This is the thirty ninth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this lesson we continue working on the sidebar in our new catalog page. We add a search bar to the top of the sidebar using the standard Search Widget.

Video Transcript

Okay so now the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add the search bar on top of this. So we’ll come back over to Appearance and Widgets and we will our find our search. And let’s take that up there… okay.

Now let’s see first, if we just use regular search here, it think we’re just going to get the standard Thesis search bar so we’ll stick with that for the moment. And we’re going to title this, “Other Ways to Search Our Catalog.” We’ll save that, look over and take a look at it. Other ways to search our catalog… let’s make that font bigger. Come down to Design Options and under Sidebars and this is the sidebar headings… let’s make them 18 point and save and refresh.

There we go. Other ways to search our catalog… it could probably use a little bit of styling but never the less, there’s our typical way. And instead of topics, we could say Browse Topics… alright, Appearance and Widgets. So instead of topics, we could say Browse Topics. Save and then we have…

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