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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 40, Add Links to the Sidebar

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This is fortieth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this lesson we continue working on the sidebar in our new catalog page. We add some links to the sidebar using the Bookmarks Widget. We begin by creating a link category and then create a couple of links for the category and finish by adding them via the Bookmark Widget.

Video Transcript

That looks a little better. Okay, other ways to search our catalog, browse topics. Now we want to add a link or links.

And so, we go back to Appearance and Widgets and if we add our links… it’s actually bookmarks here. So we should first off, we should start off by making some links. And so, we’re going to create a link category and that’s… this is going to be… let’s see, recommended books or recommendations. Okay and we’ll see the new link category and then we’re going to add some links to it. So we’re going to add a new link and the…let’s see, we have to… what we need is we need an address first for these links to work.

So we’ll go to recent reviews, let’s just… I added a couple of reviews to the site this week because I thought I was going to be talking about how to add those in. But then it all got exciting so… but one of the choices was recent reviews and another one was a different page that you wanted to add. Come on, it’s kind of funny. All of a sudden, it slowed down. Let’s see if we can find it here. Could be a Chrome thing… yeah, it is.

So reviews, now we will… so I just copied that URL and we’ll come back over to add a new link. We’ll put the address in and the name of this is going to be… we’ll just call it recently reviewed and let’s see, check out the catalog items we’ve recently reviewed. And we’re going to place that in recommendations, we’re going to open it up in a new window so target equals blank. You know, I don’t think any of this stuff really matters here so we’re going to go ahead and say add the link and we’re going to do that one more time. Although first I think, we need to add a page. We’re going to add new page and we’re going to say, “Pastor recommends”.

So we’re going to publish that page and then we’re going to view that page, copy the address for that, come back over to dashboard and then add new link. There’s the web address. What did you say his name was? Pastor Jeff? Pastor Ralph, there you go. Pastor Ralph recommends… and let’s see, his favorites or… yeah, I’m just going to say his favorites. It’s probably something else you’d want to say there but… I’m going to put it on recommendations, target equals blank, add the link.

Now we can go back to our widgets dashboard, Appearance and Widgets and we can add this bookmarks widgets. And instead of bookmarks, we’re going to name it recommendations. We are going to pick the category recommendations. I think we’ll leave everything as it is right now and we’ll just go ahead and say save and we’ll take a look at it.

Okay there you go, recommendations. That looks just fine actually.

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