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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 41, Add Taxonomy Drill Down Browsing

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This is forty first in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this lesson we continue working on the sidebar in our new catalog page. We add the drill down search with the Taxonomy Drill Down Plugin. This allows us to add a Browse by Categories where you can choose a variety of categories such as Media Type or Locations.

Video Transcript

And so then the final thing I wanted to add was my drill down search and what we’re going to do is…that’s a plugin. And so, we’re going to find the taxonomy drill down plugin and that is going to be under Plugins, add new and then the search is going to be taxonomy drill down, that’s 2 words. Search the plugins. You can see I actually already have it installed but this is the one to install, version 1.4 by these guys, written by Sribu who is a very well-known WordPress contributor. And then we’re going to come back to our plugins and we’re going to activate that plugin unless I already have it activated. Oh, I do have taxonomy drill down activated so we’ll just come back over to widgets. Widgets and we will add taxonomy drill down and let’s see, we’ll call it category drill down or browse categories. We’ll do it mode as a list and so we’re not categories or post tags or format but we will use… well, we could just use locations and audience but we could use media type and topic… not topic. That’s too big. Audience and we won’t use authors either.

So media type which is that one, locations and audience. If we save that, now they come back up the top. And if we come over here and refresh this, now you see browse by categories and if you… oh, I see. This is actually the whole thing, right. So media type, you could say, “Okay, I want to look at the…” So what happened is this just took me to all audio books and I could just look at children’s audiobooks which is now these 4 here or I could take children off and we could see all the audiobooks. Or I could turn on family and see the few family audiobooks. Audiobooks only exist in the location audiobooks so if I turn off audiobooks and reset it actually, is what I have to do. Then you could, instead of audiobooks, you could say book and now this is going to show you every book. And instead of every book, what we’ll look at is children’s easy books. Well, let’s look at fiction. So now we have all fiction books and fiction books only in the location fiction. And actually, they only have adult also. So you know, maybe you don’t need all 3 of these things. But nevertheless, now you have a way of browsing through topics alphabetically or having a drill down system of picking something from one category then another category and then another category. Or using recommendations or searching for a book.

So if you search for a book on Augustine, let’s see what comes up. So the only book that’s in my database that has any reference to Augustine is the 131 Christians Everyone Ought To Know. But that works, that’s pretty good. And if we wanted to, we could also put those menus on the search result too. So that’s something else to think about.

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