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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 31, Adding Custom WordPress Menus

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This is the thirty first in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this lesson we continue working on our new catalog page and create the first custom menu using the WordPress 3.0 Menus. Then we show you how to add the menu items. Later we will style them so they sit side by side.

Video Transcript

So that’s the system that we’re going to use for creating this menu because that’s what we’re going to do. We are going to use custom menus for this. This will be an adult menu, this will be a children menu and each of these things are going to be menu items and then we’re going to style them so that they actually stack side by side like this and even make them look like they’ve got little buttons on them.

Okay so let’s do that. Let’s create a new menu using the WordPress 3.0 menus and we’re going to call it adult. Yeah, we’re going to call it adult menu, create the menu, and then go back and look at our idea here. So we want nonfiction, fiction, bible and reference, biographies… okay. And so, that is the adult menu and the name here is… actually, let’s go grab that other main menu. Let’s just grab this for… copy, come back to the adult menu and then we use this custom links for that. So paste that one in and we call that adult nonfiction and add it to the menu. And then we paste it again except for nonfiction, this time we say fiction and type in adult fiction. Add it to the menu… let’s see, bible and reference and then biographies. So then again, paste that and now… interesting. I think we’re going to have to come over here and refresh our memory as to what we call that.

So we’ll come down to manage taxonomies, open link in new tab and under location… oh no, we don’t need it that way. We need to come up under here and go to locations. Open in a new window… okay. And so, bible and references, bible-reference… okay, so instead of nonfiction, we say bible-reference and then we can type bible and reference. We’ll add that to the menu and then we’ll just do that one more time and we’ll say biography. I’m not going to do all of them. I’ll come back and do that when everybody isn’t watching this but let’s see, biography. Yeah okay, add to menu. I did want 4 though, to be here so that we can see how that looks sitting side by side.

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