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Community Library Website – Case Study Part 8 – Creating Non-Hierarchical Custom Taxonomies

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This is the eighth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this case study we are creating a community library website. In this lesson we set up our non-hierarchical custom taxonomies. We go through the process of configuring them using the Custom Post Type UI plugin.

Video Transcript

Rick: That’s… we’ve created both of our hierarchical types. Now we need to create our non-hierarchical types and this morning, we agreed our non-hierarchical types are going to be topics, audience, and author. And so, we’ll just come right back over and create those real quick. Let’s see, add new… topics. We’re going to apply it both to book reviews and media. We’ll open up our Advanced Options. This is going to be false this time and if our label is, let’s see. Search items, so it’s going to be search topics, popular topics, all topics, parent topic which doesn’t exist here… edit topic, update topic, add new topic. Okay, all that stuff’s going to work just fine. We don’t need to change any of that.

So we’ll create this taxonomy, we may as well move through our paces here and create audience and author…audience… we’ll go ahead and apply it to books and media. We may as well apply it to book reviews as well. Let’s see, Pam you’re back online again. Do you want it to apply to book reviews?

Pam: Yes, I think that’s a good idea.

Rick: Okay and then it’s not hierarchical and I don’t think we can change the labels for that so we’re going to go ahead and do that. The reason I keep turning off your microphone is that there’s some weird sound that happens periodically that comes through the wire so I’m not sure what that is but… and then one last one is author, yup… author. And that’s going to apply both to book reviews and media and it’s also search authors, popular authors, all authors… yeah, it’s all going to work fine without being changed. And then, that’s false or that stuff is right so we’re going to create that custom taxonomy. Now, the way this works then is now you can see over here on the right hand side, under books/media, you’ve got books/media… maybe we should… let’s change the labels for that a little bit. But anyway, books/media and this add media and media type locations, topics, audience, and authors… those are all being captured there and when you go to add new media, then what you’ll have is the media type to choose from. You have locations to choose from, you have topics that you can enter, you have audience that you can enter, and you have authors that you can enter. And as these lists grow, you’ll have… you’ll be able to select this. You know, I wonder whether or not… we don’t have that many…oh no, that’s right. We wanted to potentially assign different audiences. So for example, we could add adult and we add that. And we could add young adult and add that.

So now we’ve got those 2 audience types assigned to this new media and if we go create another new media, I think this one will get thrown away since we didn’t give it a title but I don’t think the tags will have been thrown away. So we can come down here to audience again and look at the most used audience. Oh, I guess it did. It didn’t save them since we didn’t… but you can easily just add audience here too. And so if we do adult and add new audience and then young adult and add new audience and children and add new audience… okay and so… actually, it looks like… let’s see, pool questions over here. Looks like somebody has a question…okay, how about add term instead of add media or add item? Good idea. So let’s do that. Let’s go to Manage Post Types, and under books/media, let’s edit this. Okay the post name is still media but the label is going to be catalog and then our advance label options…we’re going to say Add New… let’s see, add new catalog item? We could say add new item… edit catalog item… let’s see. Let’s just save this and see what it looks like. Yeah, okay Pam you’re back online again.

Pam: Okay.

Rick: So anyway, you were saying that you liked the way this looks?

Pam: Yeah. I think catalog is more clear and to say Add Item instead of Add Media. It’s clearer that you’re adding an item to the catalog.

Rick: So that is probably… right, that’s what that is. So item, we should really say Add Item instead of Item there.

Pam: Yes. It’s consistent with under book reviews, it says Add New Review. So under catalog, if it said add new item then that would be consistent.

Rick: Right so we’ll go back Manage Post Types and then look at our catalog and we’ll edit it and then..advanced label options and we’re going to say, Add New Item. And then yeah, let’s try that again… see what happens. Okay and we’ve had a couple of people join us here since we started. I just want to say I don’t have any questions from anybody and so what we’re doing is working on our case study of this Community Library. If want you want… if you do have a question that you want to post, please feel free to post it in the question box and I’ll interrupt to answer that question. But so now we have add new item, right. And so if we add a new item then it pops up like that… add new item. We could even say add new catalog item if we wanted to except it would probably be too long and then it would drop down so… but I think that works pretty well like that. Add new item…yeah… actually, you know what? I bet that up there is the long version so if we… let’s just try a little experiment. I don’t have to actually, at the moment, really know what each of these little elements does and so for example, if we do this here and advanced label options and come down to this one…add new item and we just say add new catalog item and we save that… and then we come over here to add new item… yeah, it’s perfect. That does say Add New Catalog Item. So obviously, by the time you click one of these things, you know what you’re doing and maybe the label isn’t that cool but anyway, I like the fact that I have it there. And so…

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