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Community Library Website – Case Study Part 14 – Date in Permalink Configuration

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This is the fourteenth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). In this lesson we discuss possible permalink structures for the site. We consider how to use the date in the permalink.

A note about Permalink structure in WordPress 3.3. It is no longer necessary to include a number in your permalink structure if you are starting a new website with WordPress 3.3.

Video Transcript

Okay and how do you think that that might affect the library?

I think you’re correct in that date thing, really. The date that it was posted is really not relevant so including the month number… just so that the search engine can do its thing properly is appropriate.

So in your situation though, is there any… do you have any preference to what would show up in the URL besides the name of the book or the name of the catalog item?

No. I can’t think of anything.

You know, I was wondering if maybe we should try to incorporate like the media type or something like that into the URL so that it said you know, library/DVDs/DVDname or library/books/DVDname or something like that.

Yes, I think that might be useful because users would want to be alerted if they were looking at an audiobook or a book. Am I looking at or looking for something I want to read or something I want to listen to?

Right. Okay, well we’ll work on that. I don’t… I’m not actually prepared to talk about that today but that’ll you know, setting up the permalink structure so that it makes sense is something we’ll work on.


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