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Community Library Website Case Study – Part 16b – Final Data Import

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This is the sixteenth in a series of live lessons on using WordPress and Thesis as a Content Management System (CMS). We are using the CSV Importer plugin to import an existing database from a CSV file. A member has followed the directions but is getting an error on data import. We look at her configuration and determine why isn’t working properly.

Video Transcript

Rick: Let’s see, before we dive right into it though, I think I’m going to unmute Pam’s microphone and see if there’s anything she wants to add before we dive into it. Pam?

Pam: Good evening, Rick.

Rick: Good evening, Pam.

Pam: I’m having a problem but it’s not related to this… to what you’re doing this evening so looking forward to what you have to say.

Rick: Well, what problem are you having?

Pam: When I followed along where we are so far and as soon as we import, it said that it imported 145 items but it also said that… let’s see here… what did it say? Unknown post type catalog item. Then it said it imported 145 posts but I don’t see any posts that it had imported.

Rick: Yeah because there’s some kind of a difference between… I mean, that’s all happening in that heading. That heading at the top of the catalog items, that has to be exactly the same as the name of the catalog of the custom post type. It has to be exactly the same so all lower case, it has to have a little hyphen in it, that kind of stuff.

Pam: Okay, I thought I’d done it correctly. The heading catalog on the… the heading is csv_post_type and then it’s catalog-items, all in lower case.

Rick: Here, why don’t we… let’s see… why don’t we look at your screen for just a minute then and I’m going to make you a presenter and then I’m going to let you show your screen with us. Okay so there you are. Can you… okay, here we go. So can you share your screen with us now?

Pam: I’m trying. Let’s see what I’d do to get rid of this…

Rick: Well there should be a little thing that’s popped up saying “Would you like to show your screen…”

Pam: Oh okay. Did that work?

Rick: Yes, it does.

Pam: This is the column I’m referring to with the heading csv post type and underneath it, everyone is catalog-items.

Rick: Okay show me what it looks like created on your site.

Pam: First, catalog items… down here somehow I have…

Rick: Actually, go all the way down to the bottom where you’ve got the post type… custom post type, yeah. Look at Manage Post Types.

Pam: Okay so Manage Post Types, here we are.

Rick: Okay and you can see that you’ve named it catalog space items.

Pam: Oh that means we’ve got a… okay, so I have to call it catalog… I think this must have happened because I did a backup and restore and I restored it to the wrong space. I know I’ve done that at one time. Okay, that you. So that should fix it.

Rick: That will fix it and the import should happen just fine now. Obviously, it did actually add all those posts to the database so what you really want to do is you know, throw that database away, reload your old… the database you had before and then do it again. Obviously, when you do that, you’re going to have to change this post type again, right? Because you’re going to throw the database away and part of throwing the database away is throwing away this thing.

Pam: Right, right. The mysterious part to me was it said it imported 145 posts. Where did it put them?

Rick: It puts them in the database but it doesn’t give them a post type so it just recorded them in the database.

Pam: Okay, thank you. I’m sorry to take up time with that but that’s very helpful. Now I see what I did.

Rick: Yeah, no problem. No, that’s what the live call-in question and answer is for… is to have these kind of conversations so it’s no problem.

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